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cancerous polyp removed

I am age 62 and had a colonoscopy and then removal of a cancerous polyp. What are my odds of survival with and/or without treatment?
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Each case is individual as with all Cancer. It depends if it is contained or not. I have Ovarian and an aggressive form. It has spread to 15 places. I did not want to treat it. I watched my father endure a long battle with Cancer.  Two years out I am glad I have treated my Cancer. I have to have treatment weekly. The first set of six chemos were the worst and I thought I would not make it through but I did. Having a good support network really helps. Now my treatments are tolerable.Sometimes treatment is not just to save your life but to keep the Cancer from being painful.

If you choose not to treat or even if you do treat you can ask for palliative care. That is simply pain management and lifestyle care. If you choose palliative care you can also get treatment. I was promised by my pain clinic they would never let me be in pain during my Cancer. That has meant everything to me. I was much more afraid of pain than dying of Cancer.

Chemo is not easy but they do have better drugs for pain and nausea. My Cancer Hospital Duke does not believe people should throw up. They do everything in their power to treat nausea. I was at another hospital and they did nothing for symptoms I threw up for days.

It is important to check out all local hospitals. We have three Cancer Hospitals in our area. They all do things differently. I started at one hospital and they did chemo but if you got sick they did nothing to help you so I changed. I wish I had gotten a second opinion in the beginning because the first doctor and hospital were not a good fit for me.

I also after my first treatment got involved with a separate Cancer Support Center. They have groups, health coaches, massage, accunpcture, and yoga. It has helped to have others to talk to. The support group has helped me but not everyone likes them. Basically you have to do what is best for you.

There are no right or wrong ways to deal with Cancer just what is right for you. Also people are not statistics. All the prevailing literature on my Cancer has me dead by now. I am not dead but I am also happy. I just took 11 friends to lunch yesterday. I adopted a puppy. I ride horses when I feel like it. I have had several great vacations. My life is more than just Cancer.

I have  a bucket list. It helps when going through treatment to have future things to look forward to.

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