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chemo to treat clear cell ovarian cancer

I was DX for clear cell ovarian cancer stage 1A grade 3 from hysterectomy 2 months ago.I postpone in doing chemo as my Onc suggested. Till now just keep healthy life style, since  some reading said about mutagenic effects (changes in form) of chemotherapy on a genetically-unstable tumor, drives cancer into a state of more aggressive behavior. Chemo might kill off a whole lot of cancer, only to cause a mutation in the remaining cancer, such that the remaining cancer comes back and behaves in a more aggressive fashion.It worries me a little. Need advice so I could consider for a decision. Now my CA 125 is 6 & CT scan found nothing yesterday. all blood & urine check is normal. Shall I keep doing chemo? If yes, which drugs to treat clear cell? Carboplatin only as single agent OR combining Carbo/Paclitaxel? I need guidance, my onc before got me Carbo/Taxol but he could consider to get carbo only for me. Thanks
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I was DX with clear cell stage 1A  grade 3 in April 05, I had 6 treatments of Carboplatin and paclitaxol as is the first line in treatment for Ovarian Cancer. It is a personel choice that only you can make as to whether you have chemo. There are a few Ladies on this forum who have Clear cell  and I hope they see this post . I  know I made the right choice in having chemo, Clear cell is such an aggressive cell type that I wanted to give myself the best chance  possible.

Best wishes
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I was diagnosed with Stage 1A Clear Cell (all clear cells are considered grade 3) in March 2006, I was told it was standard and automatic for me to have 6 cycles of chemo, had carbo/taxotere.  This was confirmed by John Hopkins in Baltimore, personally I was having chemo no matter what, I wasn't taking the chance.  After that I just had my standard check ups, CA125, PET/CT scans, check ups with my oncologist, PCP, gyn/oncolgist, etc, through 4 years 7 months until my normal scan in October 2010 where they found a little tumor sitting behind my stomach.  Sure enough, re-occurrence ovarian cancer, clear cell.  Wow knocked the wind out of my sails that for sure, took me totally blind sided.  Ended up having surgery, again and nother 11 cycles of chemo, carbo, gezmar.  Now it's a waiting game, hoping a very long one.
good luck to you.

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