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i have a history of ovarian cysts on my left ovary, over the past few months i have been experiencing the same sort of pain and irregular bleeding that i normally get when i have a cyst, only now i can feel a hard lump in my abdomen in the same area. i have seen my gp who said this was probably a lipoma, but after reading up on lipomas im quite sure it isnt, it is hard, it isnt near the surface of my skin and now it is becoming increasingly more painfull. my gp has referred me to see a surgeon, but i am having to wait a couple of weeks and in the meantime i am becoming more and more distressed and worried. i really dont know what i can do
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why would you be referred to a surgeon without doing the proper scans/tests to see what is involved?  If you mean general practice doctor  gp, why were you not referred to a GYN doctor. that is the practical route to take.
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I am confused also, your profile lists you as a male????
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oh dear, il change it! i dont know why, they make me feel stupid, ive been to the doctors 4 times about this lump and each time they tell me to come back if it gets bigger, so i do and they tell me the same thing, i asked to be referred for a scan and my doctor told me to make another appointment with a lady doctor, whoi has booked me in with a surgeon. im starting to feel like a hypercondriact!!  last time i had pains they booked me in for a chlamydia test! even though id had previous cysts!! in the meantime i was adnitted as my cyst ruptured and bled into my ovary! im losing faith!
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Emily which part of the UK are you from?
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im from cheshire Anna-maria74
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Ahhhh Im from Swindon. I only asked because I would have come along to the doctors with you. Ring your surgery and ask which GP specialises in GYN. Make an appointment with her and tell her that you want to be fast tracked to the hospital for a trans vag. There is a wait - sometimes 6 weeks - but if you tell her how much pain you are in hopfully you will get in earlier. Now listen to Auntie Anna YOU DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL SHE HAS REFERED YOU. Do not be intimidated by the doctors at the surgery because I promise you that I know more about Ovarian Cysts than they do. Not because I am a know it all but because they need educating desperately as do many women. I had a 20 cm Cyst which the doctor did not detect during a pelvic exam and I weighed 8 stone. Go to the surgery with a list of Ovarian Cancer symptoms tell her you have them all and demand a follow up. You have got to be assertive even if it goes against what you have always been taught about the doctor being right. Ovarian Cancer is rare so it is natural to look at other things first but a patients gut instinct about their own body should be taken far more seriously. Doctors will always make you feel like a sniveliing hypocondriac but have none of it. I went to the doctors for 2 weeks repeatedly as I knew something was wrong with my baby - they kept sending me home. A week later I had a miscarriage and the baby had died weeks earlier. We know our bodies better than anyone else so get back up there and DEMAND answers. If you have a lump then something is causing the lump its that simple.

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