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could I have ovarian cancer without distention?

I'm really needing some calming down.  I need to see what you all seem to think. a little history on my question..i have had what was told to me three years ago a cyst caused by a corpus luteum ..the transvaginal then said adnexal mass with blood flow measuring 4cm.  "LEFT OVARY" I did go back a month later and the blood flow had stopped is what i think she said..but i do remember her calling saying the doctor said it didnt look like cancer but needs to come out. NOW...here i am three years later..same mass..only bigger...(have always been able to feel it while checking to see if period was going to start ..finger inside..gross i know but with a tilted uterus it makes it easier to feel)..i dont and never have had bloating or distention...some pain from time to time..normally after i have messed with it...anyway..i was laying down and pressing on my 'RIGHT" ovary and now its tender!! so is the belly button area on the right side..could i have done that to myself by pressing or could it be the mass has mastisized? (sp?)  Im really scared and need to know what your symptoms were with ovc. and after three years can i relax a little bit? I am going to get this out soon as my insurance kicks in!  just need some good thoughts please!!!!!
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