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cysts/bladder related??

The group was so helpful I thought I would ask advise again. I'm 49, pre-meno, I child, good general health on surface. On 8/13, I had chronic pain (like childbirth but focused on left side abdomen) and I went to ER. They did a CT and advised I had a kidney stone and the CT results and suggested I see my gyno and urologist.  Urologist thought my issues were gyno-related. Bladder wall thickening diffusely.  Bilateral ovarian cysts (3.5cm), hyperplasia,  cystic structure along the junction of the right anterolateral bladder wall and right uterine fundus.  The organ origin is uncertain.  No enlarged pelvic or inguinal lymph nodes.  No significant free fluids.  Degenerative changes in lumbosacral junction.  Several sclerotic lesions within the right iliac wing probably represent bone islands. Bladder wall thicking suggests cystitis or outlet obstruction.  Cystic structure could represent bladder diverticulum or associated necrotic fibroid.   Moderate amount of fluid within the endometrium w/ vague central soft tissue; an endometrial polyp or other mass is not excluded.  Prominent nabothian cysts.  Bladder and pelvic ultrasound recommended for further chracteristics of these findings.
I plan to request a hysterectomy given my other ongoing symptoms (bloating, 20+day periods for 3 cycles (still!) after a year of absence, exhaustion and fatigue and cyst findings.) I've had the back pain and the CT gives me some sense that I am not going mental with reference to changes and lesions.
My one question: are there those of you who have seen anything similar-- do you suspect uterine and bladder issues to be related and is your sense a hysterectomy will help alleviate all these things happening?  I've had good care in monitoring (see my other two messages sent by sparky911 if interested in details) so I am hoping the hysterectomy will fix.  Again, thanks for your thoughts.
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