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I am 44 and had previous problem with cysts on the ovaries which had 2 ops, however I seem to have the same pain and sex is very painfull, but I also have PKD on both kidneys liver and couple other organs, then I had 14 moths ago a spinal operation, so this comes to be very hard to break down symtoms, all i know is i have pain on both sides of the lower stomach below the navel, on a monthly I am losing clots, my stomach looks at times like im 5 months pregnant which looks odd seeing as i was only a size 10 and I have in the last 6 months got wind and gripping pains like ive eaten sour apple, back pain I have anyway as still recovering from op. i have just had scan which showed a couple of cysts, but then was told my womb was so tilted that i then had to have internal scan, could someone please give me an idea of what it could be as at my wits end now

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It sounds like you definitely warrant further investigation of your symptoms.  The best way to rule out ovarian cancer is a transvaginal ultrasound or CT scan of the pelvis.  If you don't have a solid or complex mass on your ovaries, then ovarian cancer is less likely.  However, with symptoms as you have described, it is always good to make sure to keep pressing until you find the cause of your symptoms.  There are so many conditions, other than cancer, that also cause the symptoms you describe.  If your cysts grow larger than 5cm or have solid components, then you should further investigate ovarian cancer.  Your gynecologist is the best person to give you advice and give yout tests that will lead to answers.  Good luck to you!
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