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dermoid growth-anemia

I am 45--3 children active and overall healthy-, no meds.   small dermoid removed at  22.  (no symptoms.)
Recently noticed my stomach seemed bigger--thought my body might be changing with age--no signs of menopause.  

Friend's recently ovca diagnosis  prompted me to go to my fam doctor.  Had abd. and pelvic ultrasounds.  Referred to my gyn with results.   Gyn. said I had an 8 cm. dermoid tumo, ran more blood tests for signs of cancer.  Dr. had another sonogram gyn look at sonogram for opinion.    Blood test were all good.  2nd  ultrasound Dr. . said looked like "classic dermoid".    I am also anemic.  
Dr. says anemia is from heavy periods and wants to wait to remove tumor until my blood count is up. (taking iron supplements.)  Surgery is scheduled for Nov.  
Paternal grandmother died of ovarian/cervical cancer at age 84.  My father survived prostate cancer at age 65.  

Ultrasound report:   In the right adnexum, are two abnormal appearing structures.  The larger more cystic appearing measures 5.2 x3.0 x 3.5cm in size, and the smaller measures 3.3 x1.9 x 2.2 cm in size.  This appears more echogenic, and they are closely related with each other.  The appearance overall is suspicious for a complex dermoid tumor with a partial cystic componient.
Four small intramural masses in the posterior myometrium, compatible with leiomyomas.
Abdominal Ultrasound:  There is a 1.5 cm hepatic cyst and a 1.0 cm. simple right renal cyst.  Oherwise normal abdominal ultrasound.

1.  I had my annual pap and pelvic exam six months before.  Wouldn't my gyn have felt the tumor then?
2. Although my periods are heavy (four days--two heavy wtih clotting), they haven't really changed at all in 15 years .   Is it possible that the tumor is causing the anemia instead of heavy periods?  

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Hi there,

It sounds like you have had a good work up. You are set up for surgery which is the right thing to do. It is sometimes hard to feel cysts or tumors the ovaries  which is why ultrasounds are so helpful
I am wondering if your concern is becasue you are worried about waiting another month for your surgery.

have you had a CA 125 test?
Anemia is usually from heavy periods but please ask your doctor this question as well
best wishes
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To clarify, I am concerned that I have only noticed symptoms of tumor and anemia --full belly, fatique, dizziness, etc. during the last few months.    I understand dermoids are slow-growing, am concerned that there could be more than a dermoid--would another doctor--gyn onc. see anything different on ultrasound or should I be assured that after surgery a biopsy will be done  then and go from there?    
Also,  could renal simple cyst on right side be related to right ovarian tumor or is this nothing to worry about.  
I am usually optimistic with attitude of "see no doctors, have no illness!" but I am a little worried because my symptoms are very similar to friend with ovca.  
Thanks you for your help!
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