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diagnosed with a complex ovarian cyst, fluid and solid and really scared

hi everyone, for the past few days i have been getting myself very worked up following an ultrasound. in november, i experienced a freakish episode of bleeding, so my period started off at about the expected time with some spotting, increased flow then eased off... i didn't pay much attention as i was going through a bad cold at the same time (as well as having two small children with a cold) and it tapered off. however, it didn't completely stop and i continued to spot for a few further days and saw a nurse about it as i thought maybe my copper coil had dislodged. bleeding got heavier, i started to have lower back pain and right sided lower back pain, the occassional lower right abdominal twinge, passed small blood clots and a slightly larger. then it decreased again and stopped. nurse consulted with a doctor and i was referred to a transvaginal ultrasound. that was on wednesday so 2 days ago. she then told me my right ovary was enlarged / swollen and said it has to be investigated further. she said she would put my results through as urgent and I am to make an appointment with my GP first thing. That alone really terrified me. So yesterday, I phoned up and got in right away. Saw my GP who read through her report and told me it was a cyst the size of a larger plum with fluid and tissue. He tried to reassure me a little and said there is no obvious indication of something nasty (no increased blood flow was something he mentioned) but we are to do a c125 blood test which would take a week. Did that while I was there and went home. I still have lower back pain, lower right back pain, pelvic pain occasionally lower front abdominal pain. This has really worried me because I never had any issues with my ovaries or anything down there. i'm 32 and have two small (3 &1) children and absolutely terrified. so this morning i was convinced my pain was spreading to my lower left and called my surgery. i was able to see a dr and she examined my tummy, did a quick internal and said everything felt ok/soft. so she believes due to me worrying so much i might feel increased pain. she was really lovely and sympathetic so fast track referred me to a gynaecologist so i have to be seen within 2 weeks. im a bit relieved about that. needless to say, i have been googling my symptoms, cysts, complex cysts and cancer non-stop for the past days and although lots of things could be benign, like benign tumors, i feel nothing really fits my cyst. i don't believe i have endometriosis for example and other things , just as they are described, probably don't apply to me.of  course i don't know any of this for certain and so i'm going through this process of elimination and thinking ok this isn't very likely ect and i don't really have any reason to have this cyst so why is it there if not for a malignancy ... sorry for going on about this i'm just beyond terrified!!
i also posted on the ovarian cysts forum, sorry for double posting just wanting to see if anyone had similar experiences, outcomes ect...reassurances definitely welcome
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