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diveticulitis and stage iv

anyone experiencing this? my mom is getting antibiotics for divertic. Has stage iv ov/ca with disease on liver, bladder, colon and diapragm. also cells in lung fluid. finished just one session of chemo so far.  ca-125 went from 1500 to 4000. i could use some info from any of you brave people. thx - jayne
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Jayne - sorry to hear that your mom is going through all of this.  Is the diveticulitis a direct cause of the OvCa???  I know that for years my grandmother had diveticulitis and was on antibiotics quiet often as infections can develop. Your mom's immune system is extremely comprimised right now.

Let's hope that the numbers begin to go down and that they are able to stablize the disease.

Best of luck to you and your family....know that we are here for you and your mom.

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Was she diagnosed correctly?   Stage 4 can cause fluid (ascites) in the abdomen which I believe can cause problems with the bowels.  
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