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does an abdominal ct scan show ovarian cancer


Last week I went to the emergency of my local hospital, I has severe bloating, indigestion, back pain, nausea. The doctor who saw me ordered an abdominal ct scan, blood test, and urine sample. After the ct scan was done, he said your liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys all look normal. At the time I didn;t think to ask about my ovaries. Also would this be diagnosed immediately. Tomorrow I am seeing him because I have no family doctor. My symptoms are the same, even worst, when I eat a small amount I feel full and have bloating, burp non stop and also have bad gas. My question is how long does it take to look at a ct scan to see ovarian cancer or even does an abdominal scan necessiraly dignose it?
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I'm not a doctor, but the only thing that showed my 7.5 pound tumor was a CT scan. I'd had a transvaginal ultrasound and and some other tests. I get CT scans as follow ups, so I would imagine that they are at least somewhat reliable. Best wishes for a good outcome.
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Yes, ct will show something on the ovary - but you won't necessarily know if it's benign or not.  When I went to the ER one of my many times, the ER doc and I had a bet - he was SURE it was diverticulitis and, of course, I knew it was a cyst.  He returned to my room rather humbled (a doctor humbled, yeah right) and admitted it was a cyst (don't remember the size) causing all of my pain, bloating, etc.  He was shocked that a cyst could be so disruptive (arrrggghhhh...........) - seems sometimes they just don't get it and I was on that merri-go-round for over a year.  Best to you and hope you feel well..........Elizabeth
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Everyone is different. Unfortunately a CT or internal and normal ultrasound does not normally pick up microscopic changes in the ovaries or in the early stages of OVCA so for me a laporoscopy was the only way.

Best of luck x
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