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does pysiotherapy help pain from adhesions?

i had ovarian cancer in 94 and following two lots of surgery i was left with adhesions which were operated on 4 times. I have been realtivley able to manage my pain symptoms with medication but during the last six months the pain has started to come back in my pelvis and abdomen, my stomach bloats and the pain leaves me feeling very low. I have been back to my Gp for advice but am told that i would need a further operation, i dont want this route, does anybody have any ideas about more homepathic remedies or if physiotherapy helps?
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There is a lady on this site that does know alot about adhesions but I cant remeber her name right now she has this therpy that they do for adhesions call rolling. I had surgery last year for adhesions and ended up with a small bowel obstruction a few weeks later to this date they dont know if it was the surgery becuz my colon is thickening. Hopefully she will come on and see your post. If you type in adhesions it will bring up old post and you can read them. Hope this helps
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I'm not the lady Penny mentioned above, but if you will go all the way to the bottom of the righthand column, you will find "most viewed health pages."  Go in there and look for the health page on adhesions.  I think that's the info Penny is referring to.  Good luck.  
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Hi, I happened to see this post because I wanted to see if there was any news on Becky... It's funny because I just got a strong feeling that Becky is watching out for the forum women because I have not been on the forum in some time and I would have missed this otherwise. Thank you to Shewrites and to Penny for mentioning the Bodyrolling. Yes.. my info is in the Health pages under "Relief for surgical adhesions" and also on my journal page ... just click on my name and you'll get to my page. Check under 'journals' to find my adhesion info. It is incredible to me at what a well-kept secret this technique is. It is foolproof if you ask me... and it cost me about four dollars for the ball. Let me know if you need anything.

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