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does this sound like cancer?

Any one have a clue if this means cancer???  Ultrasound report says: left ovary- the left ovary is 7.5 x 4.3 x 5.5 cm(volume 92ml) there is a morphologically irrebualr, multiloculated, complex xystic lesion arising with in the left ovary with numerous septations and septal/mural nodularity.  in conglomerate, this measures 4.4 x 5.4x6.0 cm... I just had a hystercomy may 6th-uterus removed, cervix, fallopian tubes and cluster of cysts removed. I have had bad pelvic pain going down my left leg... confused and stressed!

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MOST ovarian cysts (even complex / suspicious looking ones) are benign and it seems ovarian cysts are more common after hysterectomy due to the histological changes to the ovaries (likely due to loss of blood flow and feedback loop with the uterus). If your gynecologist deems this cyst concerning based on the traits specified on the ultrasound, you will want to see a gynecologic oncologist.
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What is your doctor advising you? I know it is scary.

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