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endometrial cancer

hi,my mother in law had endometrial cancer one year ago,had hesterectomy and then positive peritoneal cytology.she had 8 cycles of chemotherapy.two months ago she had recurrence of cancer and some cysts are seen in MRI but when she's undergoing the surgery,doctors cannot remove the tumors as she has complete bowel obstruction and frozen abdomen.she cannot eat and drink.she is given ivs and a drainage pipe inserted from her nose to her stomach to suction the fluid from intestines.
now my question is that there is no other treatment axcept chemotherapy now... will chemotherapy work in this condition? what are the chances of survival? is there any other treatment options......plz answer in detail.
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Hi There

there are some important pieces of information missing to help answer your question:
what was the histology of her cancer?
what was the grade?
were estrogen and progesterone receptors present in the cancer cells?
what type of chemotherapy has she received?

Unfortunately, the situation sounds very dire. But depending on the pathology and what her previous chemo was,there may be other chemo or hormonal manipulation that could be considered
I will respond again when you can find out those details
best wishes.
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HI There,
Unfortunately when a cancer returns within a year of therapy, the chance of response to therapy again is very low.
Unlike ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer is much less sensitive to being killed by chemotherapy.
While you did not mention the type of chemotherapy she received, I am going to guess that she received taxol and carboplatin

there are some endometrial cancers that are sensitive to other agents such as adriamycin or doxil.
from the pathology description, it sounds like she has a poorly differentiated tumor. These are less likely to respond to hormonal therapy such as tamoxifen

you can ask her doctor if the tumor had estrogen receptors, if so tamoxifen or arimidex may be reasonable to consider.
best wishes
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hi again,
i have some details according to her first MRi reports.she had endometrioid adenocarcinomas FIGO III.
"histological examination of whitish area and endometrum shows a neoplasm.this is composed of group,sheets and masses of neoplastic cells.nuclei are pleomorprhic and hyperchromatic with prominent nucleoli.few poorly formed neoplastic glands are also identified.the tumor extending into upper endocervical canal.sections of omentum show metastaticdeposits of endometrioid carcinoma.
size :3cm,vascular invasion present." after that 8 cycles of chemotherapy was given and 21 radiations .

anow after 6 months she diagnosed loculated cystic abnormality in the pelvis,very likely to repesent epithelial lesions of ovarian origin.
in surgery.ascities present..small bowel loops dilated and attached to posterior surface of abdominal wall.peritoneal seedling throughout its mength.loops of small intestines ,ascending colon,transverce colon and part of decending colon are involved and inseperable.(frozen abdomen and pelvis).now tell me in this situation,what are the chances of chemotherapy?will it works? or how much time she had left coz she had completely blocked her intestines.she is not eating  since 20 dayz.she is discharge from hospital and her first chemotherapy is done rightnow.
i dun know about chemo drugs details.....
waiting for reply
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