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endometrium and (slight) complex cyst question

I have had very heavy menses since the birth of my last child and tubal ligation. Hormone therapy did not resolve issue.  I also had a small cyst on my right ovary, but my insurance ran out and I went since 1996 without any medical attention.  

Now, I have a doctor, she did a pap and endometrial biopsy, which she said came back negative, but still she sent me for an ultrasound.  After ultrasound she wanted me to visit an OB/GYN for a consult on the results of the ultrasound (which I went to but that DR lost me records so could not do consult and wanted to do a full physical and run all tests again, which I decined)
I saw my primary doctor today again and she is referring me to a differnt OB/GYN and this time she gave me my record to take with me. Tissue pathology report diagnosis is benign proliferative phase, endpmetrium. Ultrasound reults state "The uterus measures 8.8 x 4.3 x 5.7 cm. Endometrial lining measures 6mm (with 6mm underlined). There is a 4 cm x 3.6 cm cyst on right ovary. The cyst is slighlt complex  (all Underlined). Small cyst is noted in the left ovary measuring 1.5 cm.
I will be 48 in May; as stated earlier, have had very heavy bleeding menses; menses are irregular and frequent with spotting in between; no pain really but have suffered occasion pinching/stabbing feeling on right side that is very quick, short, brief on rare occasions past 11+ years;  frequent urination urges with little or no flow at times; nausea with bowel movements; which vary from constipation to now diahrea, tailbone pain; pain upon standing up after urination; and more, no room
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Anyone???? ={
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I'm sorry that no one has commented.  Have you been to the new GYN yet?  They will possibly do another vaginal ultra sound to see what the cyst has done. If it has grown and, given your symptoms, they may have to do surgery to really see what's going on in there.  

I can only offer you my experience: An MRI caught a cyst on my right ovary.  I went to see the GYN who promptly did a VUS and saw a cyst.  I was told to wait through another period and to come back when he did another VUS and saw that the cyst had grown.  Surgery, a laparoascopy, was scheduled and my ovary and the cyst were removed.  It was nearly 5cm.  My left ovary had a couple of "normal" cysts, which occur during ovualtion.  My biopsy revealed that I had endometriosis.

I'm 47 and my periods have been getting very heavy with lots of clots.  Never had any pain and what symptoms I did have I was attributing to perimenopause.  Now I think the cyst was causing them.

Good luck!
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Hi Lori and thanks for the info.

I am still waiting on referral to go see a new gyn, at the county clinic no less.  I am hesitant, but curious
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Hi again,
Well, I do hope you get in soon.  For your own peace of mind.

Post another at the top when you get in or if you have more questions or are just scared.  Women here are really helpful.

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