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enlarged ovary

I was told I have an enlarged ovary and I went for another ultrasound to find that it has grew again. It isn't a cyst, although I was told I had pcos at the age of 21 but my results came back inconsistant for pcos. My doctor has know idea what's causing it to grow and has refered me to a gynaecology. I have really bad pains like cramping but its not period pain as I almost pass out with the fact that the pains that servers, along with constant throbbing pains down below that I get limp while walking when its really bad. I just really want to know what causes enlarged ovarys and why it keeps growing.  All I get when googling it is overian cancer, cysts, tumours and pregnancy. My doctor has no idea which is unsettling to me. Someone please help or if use have had this before, what was the cause? And what happened then on.
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Most cysts are benign. Some grow to the size of grapefruits. They can really hurt. A gyn\oncologist is a good referral. They deal with more complex cysts not just cancer. A normal gynecologist may not know why it is growing. It may even take seeing the cyst to find out what it is made of. Unless you have ovarian cancer in the family or the BRCA mutation you only have 1.4% of ovarian cancer in a life time. It is rare.

I had cancer and they could tell clearly from the ultrasound. They had me to the oncologist the next day and in surgery in a few days.

Lets hope they can take the cyst and relieve the pain.

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