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enlarged para aortic lymph node

good day to all,

need info from anyone who can advice me what chemo or drug regimen can clear or stop the cancer in the para aortic lymph nodes . my wife had 7 sessions of chemo using carboplatin and taxol and had complete hysterectomy this february. but the ca won't go down to the normal she has ca at 55 now her cancer is clear cell which is more aggressive. it seems chemo drugs do not reach or not as effective on the lymph nodes. had ct scan of the whole abdomen and everything is clear except for the enlarged lymph nodes.

can anybody please help and inform me what course of drugs would be benefiicial .

our onco is suggesting using avastin and gemcitabine . has anyone heard of this and will it work for lymph nodes?? anybody heard about this kind of regimen??? any info would be very helpful to us.

thanks so much in advance.

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