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excessive Bleeding

For the last 3 months I have been having irregular menstrual bleeding, lasting up to 3wks. it is not a consistant flow, it will start out super light, then regular, then it will stop and start again, but there are blood clots, some are not too big and some are really big, when I take a shower and wipe down there that is when the blood clots come out, and it feels like a dull pain on my left side. I went to see my dr. at that time about 1yr ago because I was having trouble bleeding, I did not have a period for a few mo. so my dr gave me pills to start and I did fine for 2 mo. then I did not have a period for 5 mo. and my first one on Nov.18 2002, and since then my cycle has been screwed up. Could you please tell me what this sounds like to you. I have no insurance so that is why I have not been to the dr. when  I have sex it feels just fine no abdominal pains at all. But my husband and I have sex sometime while I am bleeding is that ok to do? or could that be causing the clotting?
Please help me??
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