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exploratory laparotomy/BSO and frozen section on right ovary and mass

I went to the doctor today to sign consent forms and they said that they are going to do a exploratory laparotomy/BSO and that they are not to much worried about the one on the left but that the one on the right is making them kinda worried so they are going to do a frozen section on it and the ovary while i am under ....So what does that exactly mean...They said that i will be in the hospital 2 to 3 days  if there is no complications..I have to go back on the 12th to speak to anisteasia(spelled wrong) and to speak to the preop nurse to get my instructions and the time for the surgery...And it is still on for the 18th .....so hugsssssssss to all...louella.
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Please make certain the one doing your surgery is a surgeon who specializes in gyn/oncology.
It is my understanding this is the most important step if you are dealing with ovc. The surgeon's debulking skills will determine your prognosis. If you are going to take a chance anywhere, do not let it be in this arena. Good luck.
Peace.   dian
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Hey just thought that i would say hey and how ya doing..The doctor that i had today was great ,she answered every question that i had and it made me feel a whole lot better..she said that the one on the left doesnt concern them to much but the one on the right does so that is the one that they are going to focus on so i guess it will be the first to be removed ..What does the exploratory part mean..I mean dont they know what they are looking for or what ..That was the part that i didnt get....My head is about to explode it hurts so bad tonight and for some reason my gums in my mouth are so swelled up tonight the hurt...well i have already took my pain med so i am going to bed...louella
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The surgeon doing the surgery is not a oncologist but she did say that the oncologist will be on call if they need him..so that made me feel a whole lot better to...so lets hope for the best....louella
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That is  a good plan.  What they are basically telling you is that the mass will be tested during your surgery to determine if there is cancer.  If not, then the surgery proceeds in a normal fashion.  However, if cancer is detected, then the surgery becomes the more tedious and cautious debulking procedure in which the surgeons try to locate and remove as much of the cancer as possible.  A proper debulking in the original surgery is preferable to having a surgery, learning from the pathology report that you have cancer, and then having yet another surgery for debulking.  A proper debulking in the original surgery also means that any further cancer treatment, if necessary, is off to a good start.
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Lou - my doctor did the same thing to me last year, with the exploratory part.  Basically, everything is checked to be certain that it looks healthy.  Not just the area around the uterus and the ovaries, but the outer colon, the appendix, lymph nodes, and the surrounding tissues are at a minimum visually inspected to be certain they look good.  Obviously, anything that looks unhealthy will either be sampled for testing or simply removed (like with the appendix, if you still have that).   My doctor also makes a photographic record in the event that problems arise in the future.  I would imagine that since you do know that you have adhesions and scar tissue from your previous surgeries that the surgeon might remove or 'zap' with the laser some of these tissues as well.

I am really happy to see that there is only one mass that truly concerns them.   Given the number of surgeries that you have already experienced, it will not surprise me for them to find that you just have cysts, adhesions, and possibly endometriosis and endometriomas down there.

I think part of the problems that you are having, like with your mouth being sore, is due to the hormonal disruption.    Now that you have mentioned it, I recall having bleeding gums at least once during that time. I  also had headaches, those terrible migraine-type headaches with nausea and visual disturbances (flashing lights and colors) last year, and these nearly stopped completely after the surgery.  When I further modified my diet to make it even more healthy (more nearly a complete vegan), the migraines stopped.

As for me...I am doing as well as I can expect of myself!  I know that the ultrasound report did not indicate anything that would alarm my doctor, and that her recommendation for now is the follow-up routine, but those worrisome thoughts keep sneaking up on me...that and the regret that I just did not have all that stuff removed at the last surgery.  Oh, well, hindsight is 20/20, isn't it??!!
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i have a question.  My cysts have ruptured and I have free fluid in my pelvis and cul de sac along with bloating and pain.  I did not realize the pain that I had been having was from rupture until I had my u/s Wed.  The gyn/onc has been in surgery everyday since then and I have not spoken with him.  I go Monday for pre-op appointment with him.  The nurse at his office said  since I am finished having children that he would probably go ahead with hyst but I feel an exporatory  lap would be less invasive and  more informative at this point.  I know if I have malignancy (which I have been being worked up for) then the damage of spreading cells has alrady happened.  You are very knowledgeable I look up to your opinions.  HOw would you expect things to proceed from this point?  Thanks!
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