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family dr. appt for medical clearance

hi everyone. Saw the family doc today. He read over all the test results of the us and bloodwork and told me not to worry. That multiple simple ovarian cysts were no cause for concern. The fact that the radiologist stated that neoplasm could not be ruled out was due to the fact of a possible lawsuit. The doc did tell me that simple cysts on xray, catscans, and us asre black while solid masses are white. Anyone ever hear of this before? He spoke with a signifigant amount of confidence. EKg done today normal. Chest X-Ray normal. Still waiting on blood that was drawn and urine for final medical clearance. Surgery is scheduled for Jan 25, 2006. By the way the doc saw that I was a nervous wreck and prescribed Xanax for me. Has anyone every taken this and does it help. Awaiting the big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Toni
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hi tony..im on xanax for anxiety disorder..it does help,however,it makes me very very very sleepy...what mg are you on..i am only on 0.5,but they still make me so tired i dont feel like doing anything...i tend to not want to take them,because i dont like the slow dragging feeling it gives me..but as far as calming me,it does do that...hope this helps..sonie
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Yes, the doc has it right. Solid tumors or components appear 'white' (well,  they look grey to me) and fluids are "black" in that they do not show up at all.  The image just appears to be an outline with nothing any it, more or less.  That is the value of the MRIs that some doctors request - NMR images fluids.  And, yes, multiple simple cysts are much less indicative of malignancy unless there are complicating factors like extremely large cysts, or cysts with thick walls.  Last but not least, yes, the pathologists are basically required to throw in that statement about neoplasms, which  really just means that "something is growing there that should not be growing there."
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xanax are basically a nerve pill...take them as needed and they take the edge off...a whole bunch..lol
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