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How are you feeling.  I hope everything went alright with your surgery.
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What operation??...In this part of the world, we are lucky if the internet works 4 hours out of 24....Have not been able to log on this past week and when I can, i do selective reading before I get cut off...So I am sorry I was not aware that you were due for surgery...Hope you are feeling better
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Hi. It wasn't really surgery meaning I wasn't cut open. It was the taking of tumor/lesion from the vaginal wall.

Thank God I was put under so I woke up and it was done. So not bad. The anxiety beforehand was worse. Will know the results in 10 days. Feeling fine with a a little discomfort.

Thanks for asking.
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Glad to hear that things went well.  I like anesthesia, you aren't aware of what your dealing with after worring for a period of time.  They knock you out and there is, sleep.  all my best.
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