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granulosa cell tumor

Hello, I am a 52 year old female and  I recently had surgery to remove granulosa cell tumor on my ovary. Tumor was totally encapsulated with no leakage. Problem is this tumor sat there for one year as the old doctor did not read the results of an ultra sound from January, 2007 and somebody else found it just this dec 14 which is when i had surgery. Removed uterus, both ovaries, cervix  and mass which was quite large. Uterus was benign. Original diagnosis of tumor was benign but i have since received a phone call saying it was malignant but looked like it had not spread.  I am now waiting on consult with cancer clinic in our city. Anyone else have this set of circumstances. I have been sick since march with stomache issues and have lost quite a bit of weight. Original diagnosis was stomache ailment. Bleh! Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks, krista
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Do you know what stage your tumor is?  I had granulosa cell tumor (gct) - diagnosed in March 2006 and had a second surgery in April 2006 to remove everything else.  I was 1c - the tumor didn't actually rupture but the first surgeon (gyn) cut it up to get it out laprascopiscally.  Fortunately, she took the precaution to bag the ovary first so there was no spillage detected in the follow up surgery - clean pelvic washings and biopsies. I also had digestive issues and was diagnosed with IBS but as time went by and I got worse I pushed for more testing. It's probably too early from your surgery to tell if your digestive issues have resolved - it took me about 6-8 months after surgery to feel almost "normal" in that respect.

GCT is relatively rare and some doctors either don't think it's malignant or think it's so slow growing there's no worry.  A lot depends on how quickly your cells were dividing (mitotic rate) and your stage.  There is a good article on the web called Granulosa Theca Cell Tumors by Chad Michener that is helpful.  Also, try the ovca.net website - they have a discussion forum that has a granulosa cell tumor thread that is active and I recommend you check it out - the women there are very helpful, as are the women on this forum. If you don't have copies of your pathology and surgery reports it's a good idea to get them.

You'll need to be your own advocate on this.  Make sure you consult with a gynecological/oncologist (gyn/onc) and ask how many cases of gct he/she has treated.  If they haven't treated many you might want to keep going until you find a gyn/onc who has - an oncologist is not the best way to go if that is who your clinic schedules you with - you want a gyn/onc as the gyn/onc has the specific training for this cancer.  You will need to be followed the rest of your life on this as gct has a history of late recurrance - up to 30 years after initial diagnosis, although it can recur much earlier.  It's important to get regular pelvic exams and CT scans on a regular basis.  If you are an early stage chemo will probably not be recommended but that varies from case to case and depends on several factors.  Best wishes to you and let us know how the visit with the gyn/onc goes.  Chris
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First of all...hello to Krista and I am so glad you posted on this forum.

And, To CHRIS,

I don't know Krista personally (other than the bond that has brought us all to this site) but I saw her  posting on the Hysterectomy forum and wrote to suggest she post on this forum since it is a more established forum than the new Hysterectomy forum. I felt that someone would respond quickly and would have information for her. Thank you so much for responding....I knew Chris would have been well taken care of if she stopped by!

What a great group!

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Ok...I admit I slept late and maybe need a cup of coffee....My 'thank you' to you, Chris, might have been confusing since I had thw names Krista and Chris mixed up in that last posting.

Simply put...Chris, thanks for helping Krista !

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It was my pleasure. And Krista and Chris are pretty close names so it's no wonder we got switched!  Once you go through something like this I think you want to help anyone else in the same situation so they don't feel as lost and/or alone as you did. For some reason I have trouble accessing hystersisters from home and don't always have the patience for it to come up.  I also post on ovca.net and it's a lovely group of women, too. Have a great day!
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