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help with path report borderline Seromucinous tumor?

Good evening fellow borderline ladies!

I am nearly at my 5 week anniversary for a my BSO and Hystorectomy. It was done robotically, so I am feeling ok ish. Some discomfort where the thigh joins the torso.

I go to a high risk clinic at local cancer research hospital. My mom was diagnosed at stage 3c, I have an aunt and cousin who passed away from ovarian cancer.

In August of last year there was a small 1cm cyst in my left ovary. When I went back 6 months later the cyst had grown 6cm. There were items that concerned my gyn/onc and he said it all needed to come out. My Ca125 was not elevated for my norm.

So we did the surgery, I have a copy of surgical report and pathology. I have not had the appointment to review with Dr yet. Just phone confirmation.

Discharge summary said stage 1c

Per surgical report: Frozen section showed borderline mucinious tumor in the left ovary.

Left ovary showed a small area of papillary excrescence inside the cyst. There was no evidence of invasion. Laparoscopic findings normal for diaphragm, liver, gallbladder, stomach, appendix, and momentum. Uterus also appeared normal. Staging was not performed, but pelvic washings were performed.

Now when I look at the Path, the washings were positive for neoplasm.  Compatible with mucinious neoplasm. Positive BEREP4, MOC31. negative Pax-8.

The specimen summary part shows borderline Seromucinous tumor, with focal squamous differentiation

Focal finding suspicious for involvement of the ovarian surface by the neoplastic epithelium

Right and left ovarian surface adhesion

Pathological stage pT1cNX

Few other items, but these are the ones with the most critical info I think.

With the positive washing I am a bit concerned.

Having a hard time converting this language to what I am reading other places. Let me what what you think or what things I should ask the Dr next week.
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