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hormone imbalance and fertility

hi !
I was on contraceptive pills for last two years and since march 2010, I stopped it in march. after, that i didn't get my period for 3.5  month and then i had period in july 9,it last until 30th july. I having irregular period(delayed by 1.5 -2 months) untill dec-2010 and again i have no period since dec untill now. doctor diagnosed that i have hormone imbalance. in my blood report progesterone  is 0.5 nmol/L ,iron is 13,TSH is 10.99 mIU/L only these are abnormal.others are ok. and ultrasound report is normal. I want to know that how can I back to normal is there any natural therapy for it and for thyroid disorder should I start medicine ?

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Hi there
this is an ovarian cancer forum. There is a general gynecology forum that will be the perfect place for yoru question
best wishes
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