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hi. thx for yr reply. i did read yr recom. article and it was too long! got the idea anyway. my mum has been put on megace 160mg tabs. her onco has decided for time being to discontinue chemo. my question is he has not exhausted all options and having long chat i think he will try different tmt. My mum could barely walk but is doing so now and stays awake longer now. I think her symptoms were confused with grieving. What is the purpose of megace tabs. is it palliative. she had 6 lit of ascites drained as well. is it normal to have diarrhea and freq of urination or are they cancer signs. I suggested he put her on antidepress tabs and he has pres fluoxetine 20mg caps. for the grieving but my mum refuses to take them. what do you think her prognosis is if no chemo administered. my mum has no pain only tenderness in abdomen which her report says is omental seeding and the peritoneum. If the omentum is removed at initial surgery how can she have omental implants now. all confusing. many thanks. what is the progression
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Hi There,
is there a pill for grief?
Sadness over the loss of your future when you have a life threatening illness will not go away with an antidepressant. Anti depressants and anti-anxiety medications can blunt the terrible pain of loss and will definitely treat clinical depression. But these pills do not change the reality of what your mother is facing.

Pastoral care, counseling, family conversations, and being present are ways to give comfort and to give meaning to both the person who is ill and to their family.

One of the tragedies that Dr Gawande addresses in his article "Letting Go" is that when realistic discussions about prognosis are not given, patients and families are subjected to toxic therapies that have no benefit. People with life threatening illness may pass away without having a chance to tell their families important things and to say goodbye.

Megace is used increase appetite.
If chemotherapy is not killing cancer cells, then just giving it to do something only gives toxic side effects and can actually shorten life
not giving chemotherapy and just concentrating on alleviating suffering will actually improve quality of life  .
I know this is terribly, terribly hard
take care

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