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how do you feel after surgery is done?

I know how terrible I feel with my uterus and ovaries, but just curious as to how everyone who has had complete hysterectomy and oophorectomy feel afterward. I cannot imagine what it would be like without painful periods, pms, headaches, backache. Does all that go away? Am I in for more (different) kinds of pain? I know this it's goofy to ask, but do you ever miss your period?
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Seriously...it's awesome.  If you've had really bad periods and all the things that accompany them, it's a beautiful thing.
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be prepared for a little adjustment time though. I know many woman going through menapause who clearly have no intention of having more children lol yet they still feel just a little sad, maybe a little strange and lost - it passes of course but just to be aware that you may feel that way helps enormously. There is nothing worse than thinking "whats wrong with me why do I feel like this"

Because I only had a salpingo-oopherectomy I didnt expect to feel any emotional distress, particularly because I have most of one remaining ovary - but no what, I did! I had sex for the first time last night after the op and all the way through I kept thinking - half my bits are missing and I felt like an odity. However I know all these feelings will pass and I think for those suffering pain and discomfort and the inconvinience of heavy periods its a small price to pay.

good luck with everything

Anna x
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A good surgeon is key! Mine was awesome! Except for some dizzines (from the anesthetic) that lasted a couple weeks, the recovery was a breeze. It was amazing to be pain free! I think also a positive attitude helps. I started walking, doing laps around the hospital ward, as soon as they took my cathetar out and they let me out of the hospital early. The second day home (less than a week after surgery) I walked around the block - at a very slow pace, of course!

If I had known the surgery was so easy (for me, not for the surgeon as my uterus was so enlarged he had a big fight to get it out!) and that I would never have children, I would have opted for it to be done at 14! I DO NOT miss my periods in any way!

I kept my ovaries but am now questioning that because am facing possible ovarian cancer.

The only down side I found is orgasims are about 70% intensity but the benefits far outweigh that! Good luck!
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Hey Summer,

You make a good point about the relief that awaits you after the surgery. It is very nice to be done with the bleeding which at times was not only excessive, but flooding. Nice to be free of the headaches from the hormonal imbalance, and the constant pain from the cysts. And, after my diagnosis once the cyst was aspirated during a smaller surgery, not knowing how far the cancer had spread made the short wait for the big surgery feel like an eternity. The radical hysterectomy was the only course of action needed in my case, so I have not gone through any chemo and my heart goes out to those who deal with the process that it entails.

I do feel as though I have encountered so much over the past seven years and frankly, left on own many times to try to figure out how best to help myself feel as normal as possible now that I am in the clear as far as Ovarian Cancer is concerned. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I even strive for feeling great.  

The menopausal symptoms were very debilitating for me but so were the surgical adhesions giving me pain like I'd never experienced in my life. But, I found answers for those problems. As many know, I take the bioidentical hormones (estrogens, progesterone, DHEA, and Testosterone). And, I discovered a special massage called Bodyrolling that broke up the adhesions.

I just didn't take no for an answer when I started to have so many post radical hysterectomy problems. Of course I was grateful that the cancer had been caught so early but I was not prepared for the obstacles that lie ahead. So, I think you are smart to ask questions and to prepare yourself. But, please know that there are answers out there. And, be an advocate for yourself.

Since we are talking frankly here, I can even reassure you that sexually things don't have to go downhill. For me that was totally a hormonal issue...so once I got help with that, things were good. And, on the orgasm front...things eventually got even better in that department, too. Your body sort of has to "retrain" itself it seems.

If you stay on top of any problems as they arise, you'll be fine. Just keep researching.

Oh, one more thing. Keep an eye on thyroid since menopause and thyroid symptoms seem to go hand and hand and often mask as depression and/or menopausal hormonal imbalances. I finally got help with this last year and I take Armour thyroid. Not falling asleep at red lights after work any longer...or freezing constantly. My lab results were not way off, so, clinically on first glance, my thyroid seemed ok. But, my symptoms were raging. Finally found a doctor who recognized both problems and started me on Armour thyroid. Thank goodness.

Take care. Mary
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I had a total abdominal hysterectomy last month. After 7 weeks I am feeling nearly back to normal.  It is really nice not to have pelvic pain 3 weeks of the month and no periods is WONDERFUL!
Recovery was harder than with previous surgeries with the same incision (c-sections) It took me a long time not to feel weak, but I definitely feel a ton better than before surgery.  
It is a little sad to know that my childbearing years are over.
I'm 38 and I didn't intend on having anymore anyway but just knowing it is now impossible gets me teary now and then. :)

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I am not totally sure of your complete situation, but me being 39, having a complete hysterectomy (and I mean it's all gone), now I have two teenagers, I was done having kids, at 22, am looking forward to grandkids (way down the road :)

With me dealing with Stage 1A OC and being in the middle of my preventative chemo, I haven't had time to enjoy the fact that that "time of month", is no longer there.  Ironically before this happened to me I use to say, when you are done having kids, your "body" should automatically shut down in that department, or I wish I could find a doctor that would take it all out so I wouldn't have to deal with having a period.  Watch what you wish for hey???  :)

The periods themselves weren't that bad, 3 days it was over it, it was the work up before and after that wore me out.  I got so use to over the last 26 years, feeling miserable before and after each cycle, I forgot now how great it is not to have to deal with it.  It's great!!  And menopause, hasn't been a big issue for me either (yet?? - it's been 4 months since my surgery)a hot flash here and there, that's it.

You just wait until I am done this chemo, I will be living large and feeling absolutely fantastic.

Good Luck and Take Care!!!
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