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how good is a ct scan with contrast?

about 3 months ago i had a tender lower left abdomen went to my doctor had a papsmear and pelvic n transvaginal ultrasound..everything normal blood tests normal..then got swollen glands in my groin only tiny tho..so my doctor sent me for a abdomen/pelvic ct scan with contrast..showed a small amount of free fluid and a simple cyst on my right ovary..but said no swollen lymph nodes..how good is a ct scan?..my doctor isnt worried about the swollen groin glands said they arent very big anyway
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Has the pain continued throughout these last 3 months? I have had lower abdominal pain for months now, with lower back pain as well. Both have gotten progressively worse. I had the CT scan with dye that showed an enlarged lymph node in my abdomen, it measured 2.6 which I guess isn't too big. I just had an ultrasound and am waiting on the results...I've had every symptom there is for ovarian cancer...and am a nervous wreck...if this comes back 'normal' I don't know what to do...I KNOW something is wrong in my lower abdomen and back...
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yes the pain is constant 24/7..i have lower back pain and sore hips as well yet my doctor says there isnt anything wrong...even today my doctor said she cant feel any swollen glands but i can and they are also tender..i feel like i dont have any answers bcos they say everything is ok but no explanation for my sore abdomen..im worried they are missing something even though im told a ct scan is good at showing any abnormalties..i hope everything is ok with you..keep us posted
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A CT scan is fairly accurate, but not totally accurate.  Anything very small, like under a cm can be easily missed.  The enlarged lymph node is quite small, but it does mean there is something causing it to be inflammed.  But, things as simple as a cold can inflame them. Have you gotten your US results yet? I know the healthcare system can be very frustrating, but keep after it! You know your body better than a doctor, so don't give up.  I really do hope your results for possible cancer came back negative, however.

Good luck to you.

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Don't let any doctor pat you on the head and send you home if your "body" or "quiet little voice" tells you something is going on.
If I hadn't pushed my gyn I doubt I would still be here.
You need to advocate for yourself when it comes to your health.   Hang in there.....don't you dare stop looking until you get your answers.
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