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hysterectomy question

in 2010 went to have polyps remove and a partial , during the procedure they could not deploy the device several attempts where done , then they tried something else with no luck , then I started hemorrhaging during this time , then switched to vaginal do it , leaving in ovaries and tubes , just learning that now , , I was having issues with my left ovary then but they did nothing ,   they said it was the polyps causing bleeding and pain .. I now have had a leep done  , abnormal pap , and HPV  positive , which I didn't have then , , I still have pain in ovaries , on left into back , pain with intercourse , pelvic ultra sound , just showed that I have very small ovaries for my age , 47 , now he suggest , laparoscopy to see if they can find  , where the pain is coming from , and to remove the ovaries , and tubes .. I am concerned scared , I feel as if I have already had one boched surgery will this be  another am I doing the right thing doing it ??
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I can't answer if you are doing the right thing. Life with out ovaries is different for your body because they do more than we think.AS far as how the surgery will turn out I do not know. I would like to say it will be fine but I am not a doctor.

Have you considered a GYN/Oncologist? They not only do cancer which I do not think you have, but they do complicated surgeries. I would at least get a second opinion.

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Thank you for your comment
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I had all my parts removed for a benign ovarian cyst and I never could have imagined how that would cause a whole cascade of problems and loss of quality of life.

You said your ovaries are small for your age. They have likely atrophied due to your hysterectomy and loss of blood flow and feedback loop with the uterus. The ovaries naturally shrink after menopause but they continue to produce hormones at least until age 80 in women who have all their parts. These hormones are essential to every aspect of health.

Do a web search for "pubmed bilateral oophorectomy long term health" to understand the many repercussions / adverse effects of having ovaries (part of the endocrine system) removed. Numerous studies show it to be associated with a number of increased health risks - heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia, mood disorders to name just a few. Most surgeons do not tell their patients about the adverse effects of hysterectomy or ovary removal. If they did, there would not be so many unnecessary surgeries to removal female organs. Only 2% of these surgeries are done for confirmed cancer.

Pelvic pain is very difficult to diagnose. Absent any ovarian abnormalities (sounds like you don't have any), removing the ovaries seems overkill. You could be left with the pain you have now plus a whole new set of problems caused by the endocrine havoc of losing part of your endocrine system.

I hope you can get answers and proper treatment without losing any parts.
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Forgot to mention - The pain could be caused by adhesions (scar tissue) from the hysterectomy and any other pelvic surgeries. That can be difficult to treat. There is adhesiolysis surgery to remove the adhesions but more surgery equals more adhesions so it can become a vicious cycle. Some find physical and/or massage therapy helpful.
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Thank You for your comment , I do appreciate , it it a big decision to make ,
Because of my size , and under weight issues , I already have alot of issues that you message , may become apart of my future with out have the ovaries , removed , I,m  on tones of vitiams , I,ve been very small like this for ever ,so  now with these issues I,m having , its just making me so confused , darn if do darn if I don,t , if that's the best way to say it , I,m waiting to be scheduled for it so I will keep , looking further for more answers !! Thank You
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"Because of my size , and under weight issues , I already have alot of issues that you message"

I am not sure I understand what you are saying. If you are talking about osteoporosis, ovary removal usually causes rapid loss of bone density so would make matters worse.

I am also small and borderline underweight and removal of my sex organs has caused rapid aging - loss of skin collagen, subcutaneous fat, and muscle mass hence sagging and wrinkling along with massive never-ending hair loss.
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