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i have a lg mass

well i took sick two weeks ago with pain in my abdomin ,my stomach was real bloated like full of gas  lots of pain in my back and ppevic area they did a cat scan then a internal pevic with the wand iv,e got cyst on the left oviery and a lg solid mass 7cc on right .when this happen i was in another state i was in hospital six days then i ask them to let me come home to deal with my doc,s hear well now my doc,s are just taking their time it will be the last of the month before i can be seen i,m really worring about this my a 125 was fine i had breast cancer five years ago and a family history of ovarivan cancer on my dad,s side iv,e got alot of pain still can you tell me more about a solid mass when found plus my doc said the mass looks like it,s in my tube i,m just scared because their taking so long to see me thanks catherine from lexington,ky
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dear catherine,

i am also waiting for surgery, ive been given a date in april. the waiting period is the worst, just hang in there. im gonna give u the same advice my cousin gave me yday , theres a verse in the Bible that says, be anxious for nothing, so my dear just leave it to God. He is in control of every situation. maybe there is a reason while God is delaying this process, maybe he is going to heal you and when u do go back at the end of the month, u will see that there isnt a cyst there anymore, u never know, just take courage in God and he will see u thro

please let us know how its going
take care
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