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i just don't look good anymore

hello everyone; I have a large ovarian cyst and a couple of fibroids in my uterus; my doc wants me to take the Pill for the cyst instead of surgery, and tells me that menopause will get rid of the fibroids.  His advice is to exercise more to deal with the weight gain, which I do, but after 6 months, I'm only getting bigger.  Menopause is at least 5 years away.  I have always been athletic; I was a dancer for years and a work out 5 times a week, but nothing is stopping this belly from growing.  I have gone from a size 8 to a 12-14 in a year, and all of it is around my middle.

I know my concerns are a bit trivial compared to a lot I see here.  I don't want to diminish the really serious problems I read about on these forums, but there must be women out there who are feeling really bad about their self-images, like I am.  I look like a box with skinny legs.  It's hard to give up looking young and stylish.  I'm not ready to be matronly!  Where do we go for great clothes?  What forms of exercise has diminished your big belly?

I'm worried about surgery; my doc tells me there is a good chance the ovary will rupture if he tries to remove the cyst, and I'm concerned about the cons of a full hysterectomy; losing my sex drive, accelleerating menopause, hormone therapy, etc.  I have been coasting for 6 months on the advice of my doc, but I hate the way I feel and look.  I'm pooped all the time too!  I'm so frustrated and down about all this.  What do I do?
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do you the size of your cyst?
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I'm sorry to hear about the waiting situation that you're going through.  Honestly, I'm thinking that you should find yourself another doctor to take of your situation.  If your doctor is concerned that the cyst will burst upon removal, then that's really an issue that should be causing a warning bell to be ringing.  Run...don't walk...to the nearest gynecologist/oncologist.  These are men and women who specialize in dealing with cancers of our reproductive organs...they don't deliver babies.  Tiredness and abdominal swelling are certainly some of the signs that we all need to be on the watch for when it comes the possibility of ovca.  

While I totally understand your concerns about the physical changes that you're experiencing, as well what we experience with menopause, please allow yourself to prioritize what needs to be done.  Seek a second opinion.  You deserve it.
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I agree with Miss Turtledove - RUN to a better doctor.  I find it interesting that he states his fear of rupture as a reason NOT to remove it, yet he sits by and lets you continue to do all this exercise?  When it was discovered that I had a softball size endometrioma (that grew to cantaloupe size within a week) - my doctor wanted me to DO NOTHING while waiting for surgery (about 1 week).  He literally told my husband to NOT LET ME DO ANYTHING and to handle me with kit gloves (and that is just ONE of the reasons that I love my dr...not to mention the fact that he looks like sting).  I was told NOT to exercise b/c of fear of rupture.

The size of your tumor could be playing a role in his decision.  And do you know if it is complex?  What does the ultrasound report say?  But none of that explains his reasoning that he doesn't want to operate out of fear of rupture!

I would seriously get a 2nd opinion.  Life is too short to be waiting around for answers.

Best of luck to you,

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Your cyst is 8cm and your dr recommended AGAINST removing it??? Yeah, I'd have to agree with everyone else here... go to someone else. What makes him so worried about rupture? There are women on the site who have had cysts of 20cm that were removed successfully.
Keep us posted on what you find out!
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glad you are getting a second opinion,because as far as i am aware although most cysts are benign this can only be definitely confirmed by taking a biopsy, so you need to know what kind of cyst you have.good luck with your specialist.
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Mary - you are beautiful and amazing.  thank you for writing this.  things have been so crappy lately that i haven't even been able to lurk in the forum - let alone post. sometimes it's comforting to come here and know i'm not alone - other times it's just too damn heartbreaking to me the kind of suffering we are each going through.  something about your story, the way you wrote it, and the compassion you conveyed to MsFab really touched me.  so, thanks for taking the time and energy to write that  - you never know how far-reaching  your comments can be, effecting more than just the person you were specifically responding to.  MsFab - i'm also dealing with crazy body changes, looming surgery (again), and even such basic, mundane things as "what am i supposed to wear now?  a mu-mu?!"  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get a second opinion re: your cyst & fibroid situation.  THIS IS YOUR LIFE.  you ought to have a surgeon who has every confidence in herself/himself that they can do right by you in surgery - preferably a gyno-oncologist who knows what they're doing and how to handle a "likely-to-rupture" cyst!   and i agree with the other responses re: the risk of rupture just due to over doing it!  frankly, i really don't like the sound of what you've been told.  like the doc is suggesting you join him in burying your head in the sand and crossing your fingers for luck.  i don't say this to frighten you, but rather to empower you for you are the only one who can adequately advocate for yourself in this situation!  speak up!  ask questions!  you deserve better care from a doctor!  okay, i'll stop yelling.  please don't feel ganged up on or anything - i think those of us who've been there/are there or here (?!) are simply passionate about this stuff.  i've had to change doctors because i didn't trust them or felt dismissed by them.  i am so so so glad i did because i found absolute GEMS of doctors who are treating me now.  what a difference it makes to feel confidence in them - to feel listened to - to receive compassion from them - to have them speak to me like an intelligent woman who is dealing with major stuff!  i think too that getting better answers and a better plan of action for your medical situation will put you in a much better position to care for your FITNESS.  resolve the medical stuff first and please take it easy on your body until you know more about that cyst.  and definitely keep coming here to the forum and venting and asking for help and helping where/when you can.  i'll be looking out for an update from you.  hope this helps somehow.  and once again Mary - thanks for what you wrote.  maybe you SHOULD write a book!
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