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immunity-boosting diet and chemo

Hi, my mom had the first  reoccurence, no metastasis, which was this time in her urinary tract lymph node, the first reoccrrence, stage 4 like before, after 5 years.  Since we know quite a few people who have managed to beat or hold thier cancer by changing their diet, boosting thier immune system ( one good book to read and understand how Dairy affects reproductive system cancer is by Prof. Jane Plant) , she stopped taking any kind of milk products and ate very healthy--greens whole grains, celery juice, vitamins, minerals and so forth and changed her life style from couch potato to a more active one. She has slouched considerably since, and last year she started to get her "cancer-face" again00chalky white, and was very tired--Bingo! It's back. The problem is this: She is 68 now, and the MD said it's quite possible that the tumor had grownback within the last half year because she had an accident, exposing her to plenty of suregery, toxic substances, numerous xrays, stress, emotional hardship--the whole year was one disaster after another, not good for someone with cancer, because it was not dectected during checkups.

Now I am very concerned with her next chemo, not just because she is very weak now, but even more so, because when my co-worker who researched all this infor about nutrition and cancer ( She has access to research systems used by the media, sos she doesn 't need to pay for every article ever published i about cancer in the New England journal of Medicine) had chemo, her tumor came right back, and only dissapeared after she boosted her immune system by radically changing her diet. We did the chemo anyhow, then, but now it worries me, because all that toxic stuff last year might have contributed to the cancer--it now originated in the bladder lymph node. I also learned that certain healthy components meant to trotect cells might possibly protect cancer cells as well--if we do the chemo this might be counter effective??

I would appreciate any information you have. And don't try telling me dairy is not the problem--this is not the question I asked, and we know better. I tried out the diet when mom went on it, and I alwazs get cysts and mentrual cramping from milk fat myself when I go back on dairy (desserts without cream suck!) and apparently, a lot of people are surprised she lived this long without reoccurence.

Thank you for any input on the chemo-diet angle and in general, what about chemo for people who had too many chemicals in thier body already! Alternatives?
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I dont know much about this but i was given this name in australia for a diet +613 6394 7290, i hope this hleps you, tank you for your answer to me
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Since my wife was diagnosed, I have researched to find recovered patients
who are out 5 years or more from diagnosis and are cancer free, after ovarian cancer.

What I found is:

1 Recovered stage IV case using macrobiotics, out 22 years (Mina Dobic)
1 Recovered stage II case using surgery, chemo and macrobiotics, out 16 years
1 Recovered stage IV case using surgery, cheno and gerson therapy, out 12 years
1 Recovered stage IV case using surgery, chemo and gerson therapy out 5 years

I personally spoke with all these above women.

In addition, the Gerson booklet on Healing Ovarian and Female Organ Cancer
writes about 6 other cases of recovery from ovarian cancer using mostly surgery and Gerson Therapy.

What's clear is that a very serious dietary effort was an important key to the recovery
for these women.  

I hope this perspective is helpful.
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sorry my response is going to be short, but Maitake D-Fraction (from maitake dot com or it's suppliers) is perhaps the best for boosting the immune response for cancer patients.  Was in Phase II FDA clinical trials specifically to prove it's worth (unheard of for a supplement) and has an excellent safety record (in-fact bypassed Phase I FDA clinical trial stage...used for safety...because of it's track record...any chemo you are on has never been able to do this).
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