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intravenous (IV) vitamin C

Has anyone heard about any results from Dr. Drisko's IV vitamin C trial of ovarian cancer patients?  I read that she has finished the trial and is supposed to publish her results this year.  Also has anyone heard about any other trials with IV vitamin C?
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there is some data from the trials   that are still going on   here is a small excerpt  I found

Estimated Enrollment:   50
Study Start Date:   September 2005
Estimated Study Completion Date:   December 2010
Estimated Primary Completion Date:   December 2009 (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure)

Intervention Details:
Drug: Intravenous vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
IV Vitamin C given 2-3 times a week
Detailed Description:
It is known that cancer patients use antioxidants at greater rates than their healthy peers and these patients generally do not tell their physicians. This use has not been adequately evaluated. This pilot trial is a Phase II study designed to assess safety of high-dose antioxidants in gynecologic malignancies. Secondarily, we will evaluate efficacy of antioxidant use. These goals will be accomplished by monitoring adverse events by clinical evaluation, metabolic functions such as but not limited to tumor markers, blood counts, hepatic, and renal enzymes, and tumor response rates secondarily. The study will be conducted at the University of Kansas Medical Center. Oversight partnership is established with the FDA-CDER, Kansas Masonic Cancer Research Institute, and the University of Kansas Medical Center - IRB.

The study is an open label prospective investigational study in 50 gynecologic cancer patients with a Primary Hypothesis: To assess safety of adding high-dose antioxidants to chemotherapy in the treatment of gynecologic malignancies (uterine, cervical, or epithelial ovarian). Qualitative and quantitative toxicities will be assessed by monitoring clinical status by National Cancer Institute common toxicity criteria version 3.0, quality of life measures (FACT-G), and evaluating metabolic functions including but not limited to hepatic and renal function.

Secondary Hypothesis: To assess efficacy by tumor response rates in patients with gynecologic malignancies treated with antioxidants to include intravenous and oral ascorbic acid, intravenous glutathione, oral mixed carotenoids, mixed tocopherols, and vitamin A. Secondary endpoints will be time to progression and survival.

Patients with newly diagnosed or recurrent gynecologic cancer will be invited to participate and these subjects will be limited to those who present with cervical, uterine, or ovarian of epithelial origin. Fifty patients will be enrolled. The study subjects will be treated with antioxidants added to their usual oncologic care for 12 months. This population was chosen because of anecdotal and case report evidence for benefit when high-dose antioxidants are added to their care.

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I read an article in Cure magazine last year, where a lady treated at Sloan Kettering in New York, did the iv c with her chemo.. She thought it helped her through the side effects and kept her strength up. I asked my Dr. in Memphis about it, and she said she had one lady to start it, but it was expensive. When the lady saw how much it was she dc/d it so it wouldn't go off of her lifetime max on her insurance. I have been thinking about it again, I have the same insurance as the woman, but I still don't have the price. I will try to remember to ask on the 11th when i see my doctor.
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Maybe it is just another brain dead day, but why on earth should IV OJ be so expensive?
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You can get powdered vita c and do the same thing. Tivita company for example sells non acidic vita c in powder form and is supposed to be the same theory.  But, me personally, I don't think it makes a difference.  I wouldn't pay for the IV at all!
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ok ok...let me comment.  Inravenous Vitamin C is nothing like over the counter vc.  Since we are all talking about cancer here, the basic priniple of IVC is that it has much higher concentrations that are right in your blood stream.  The human body cannot and will not absorb the same amount via the GI route.  Thus you can *never* get the same amount you can orally than you can with IVC.

Further, just don't go to anyone for IVC...there are possibly only two good places to do it here in the U.S.  One is in Long Beach, CA if you are in the west coast.  You will want someone who deals with cancer because there are *lots* of people who do IVC for simple things like cold prevention, 'feeling better', etc.  Those are not the people you want to see unless you have no choice.

I researched this in the last part of 2007 before my mom passed away and this was the course we were going to tak (down in Long Beach) but didn't get that far.  

I wouldn't say it's a 'cure' for cancer...there are many factors to consider.  It's interesting point (at least for me) is to boost the system/body.  Cancer and chemo take such a toll this would be a good step.  But for about $100 an infusion you will have to retain some money reserves on your own since insurance won't want to cover it.

There is good research out there on IVC if anyone is interested email me and I'll dig through my research from back then.
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The concentartion of the IV C dosage can be 25-35 times higher than a regular pill. If, you taking on the regular way in this high concentrate  the body can not absorb. You can Google, I find very interesting articles..
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I use vitamin C IV for 12 months now religiously 3 times a week for my cancer. I started with 25 g Na Ascorbate infusions in a 500 ml sterile water and now I am at 100g Na Ascorbate in a 1000 ml sterile water. I NEVER EVER  had any bad symptoms and my overall health is good . Important thing is that your renal functions must be efficient  otherwise IV Vit C is not reccomended. I was told by many doctors not to take Vit C in these amounts but I found out that our body will adjust to any amount of Vit C .
I am stubborn and did it  it anyway. My mentor MD is supporting me all the way in my cancer journey and I will continue with this treatment . What's important is that Vitamin C alone will not cure you! will help you with lots of health issues that's for sure BUT there are other modalities that must be followed with Na Ascorbate IV treatments. It costs me about $80 dollars per treatment including all:  IV admin sets,  catheters, water bags,  etc.
This type of treatment is widely used in  Canada by Naturopathic Doctors only.
Main stream medicine does not believe in Vit C, but more and more there is some interest as anywhere.
I suggest to watch this video on YouTube about Dr Linus Pauling.
He was Great chemist and lived until 93 years old.
What others are saying about Vit C ...copied from internet..
Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, Dr. Ringsdorf and Dr. Sisley from THE VITAMIN C CONNECTION

"There are more than ten thousand published scientific papers that make it quite clear that there is not one body process (such as what goes on inside cells or tissues) and not one disease or syndrome (from the common cold to leprosy) that is not influenced ­ directly or indirectly ­ by vitamin C."

If you want to find out what else I do please write personal message.  
It's great that finally there will be a clinical trial on Vit C intravenous treatment. Mayo clinic did oral study and they dismissed the thesis  where oral intake will not produce even close blood plasma saturation like IV infusions will.


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Hi Sunes,
I also live in Canada, Toronto. I'm 31 and have been fighting with colon cancer for the last 2 years. I'm realizing now that my body had enough of it and I can't go through chemo any more.
I have been considering vitamin C for a long time and now I think it's time to start with it.
I was wondering where  you get your injections of vitamin C. The place which I inquired about charges $130 for an injection and it'd be great if I can find a reputable place which charges less because we have to rely solely on my husband's income.
I also would like to ask you if you saw any improvement in terms of tumor shrinkage, tumor markers drop or any other.
I'm being treated in the biggest cancer hospital here and asked my doctors and nurses if they had any patient who used iv vitamin c and what effect it had on them but unfortunately they didn't have any patient who was on iv vitamin c.
Thanks in advance for your reply,
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Hi Sunes,
I sent you a PM.
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