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just wondering where is every one from

I am from the BIG state of Texas. thought it would be nice to know where everyone was from.

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I'm in Yorkshire UK
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Hi Bonnie ,  Im from  near the city of London in the UK .

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Hi Bonnie,

I am from Richardson, Texas but am currently in Lanesville, Indiana and will be for about another year.

Mary Ann
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Howdy  Bonnie  I am from Cedar Rapids Iowa  
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Hi Bonnie.  I saw you post on the birthday post and just now added you to the forum birthday calendar, which I have finally done.  

I am in Nashville Tn, it is home now but not really home.

Hey, if you run your cursor over any of our names in blue you will be able to see where we are from.  You can add yours to your profile also.  It can be intimidating at first so if you need some help I will be glad to walk you through doing your profile.

It helps al ot if people do it so when you are talking to someone you can kind of review who they are until you get to know everyone (yeah, right).  Most have chemo brain or old age and the sheer number of us is hard to keep up with &  it is so easy to forget.  
Sorry not making sense in pain
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Iam in Costa Rica originally from Las Vegas
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Hi, I am from Olney, Illinois
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Hi ...From New Jersey....originally a New York Girl!!!
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I'm in Kentucky, but born in Hawaii, and raised in Oklahoma and Tennessee.  What part of Texas are you from?  I go to Houston every three months to see my doctor at MD Anderson.  Will be there next month for a week.  

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G'day Bonnie I am from Sydney Australia

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Hi Bonnie I'm also from Sydney Australia

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I am from Lehi, UT.  I actually just moved back after a 4 year stint in L.A.
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Hi Bonnie... I'm down near Melbourne,Victoria, Australia....
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Texas girl here.
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Hi, Bonnie! Portland, Oregon.
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Hi! Im Leah from Pasig City, Philippines
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Hi Bonnie,

  I am from Providence, Ky but now live in Sikeston, Mo
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Hi Bonnie,
I am from near Orlando Florida!
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Hi!  I'm in Greeley, Colorado. Kathy
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Portland, Oregon (specifically Gresham)
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