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laparoscopy versus laparotomy

i recently saw a gyn re hypoechoic lesion on my ovary and elevated ca125. though he says he sees my conditions very frequently and he did not think it was cancerous, he could not say with certainty that it was not and scheduled me for a laparoscopy within 6-8 weeks(soonest).

he has put me on the pill for the next 2 cycles to see if it will have any impact on possible hemmoragic cyst/lesion? and also is going to do a followup transvaginal before my surgery. he is referring me to an gyn oncologist( at my request). he explained during laparoscopy they remove the ovary and put it in some little bag( while still inside my body) and then take it out in little pieces.he also said it is possible that i could end up having a laparotomy based on what he sees.can a wait of 6- 8 weeks make a significant different if the growth is cancerous? should i insist it be the gyn oncologist who does the surgery or is it better to act sooner if it means a delay in surgery to see the gyn oncologist?
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