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left ovary pain during mid cycle and premenstrual cycle

I am 37, never had children (1 misscarriage) and never been on pill.  I have a strong family history of breast and ovarian/fallopian tube cancer (mother -2 separate breast cancers, succumbed to fallopian tube cancer at 50; maternal aunt succumbed to breast cancer at 42; maternal grandmother succumbed to "abdominal" cancer around age 50).

For the last three months I have been having aching pain and pressure in my left ovary (same area as the mettleschmertz I normally get during ovulation) during mid cycle - but for several days.  The pain subsides during the rest of the cycle, though I still feel a "fluttering" feeling.  The pain then returns just before my period, subsiding again to a flutter after menses begins.  I have also had some bloating, but it comes and goes, as well as feelings of fullness and indigestion (but that is not abnormal for me as I have mild IBS and have suffered from GERD almost daily for 20 years).  I have an appointment for a pelvic next week.

How likely is it that this is a cyst? cancer? What tests should I make sure I receive?

Thank you for your time.

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Hi There,

you should get  a careful pelvic exam, CT scan, and pap smear.
ultimately  Gyenweth will decide what feels right for her. In the mean time, an open mind and lots of questioning will help you hep that rapidly
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Hi there.  I have suffered for many years of IBS due to been given meds and for several years have also had, ovarian cysts that haven't bother me much for over a period of 5 years.  Now, they have grown more than normal and I have to have surgery.  From what I have found out by talking to doctors, in the net and from the ladies in this forum, that in pre-menopausal women they are probably benign.  Also, a transvaginal ultrasound and a CA - 125 marker can be done.  Even when the marker is elevated it doesn't mean that is necessarily cancer.  It's is used to see how women with OVCA have responded to treatment.  The only way to know for sure if it's cancer is by doing a biopsy.

There are several ladies in this forum who know a lot more about this and hopefully they would give you a better insight.

Take care,

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Thanks for your response.  These symptoms really have me worried, especially with my family history.  Then yesterday, out of nowhere I developed a giant cyst in my breast.  My hormones must be really out of wack.

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