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low CA125 and chimo

My granddaughter was diagnosed ovarian cancer in April 2008, stage 3 or perhaps 4, she is only 19 years old.  
She received chimo before her surgery, the oncologist thought it didn't work (carbotaxol) because of the quantity of metastasses she had at the time of the debulking surgery that lasted 26 hours. She had another surgery a month after because the wound wasn't healing and to correct this the doctor had a second look in her abdom, found no tumors (she also received chimo while she was in the hospital after the first surgery with devices like sprinklers in her abdom)  Two months later her PET exam showed a big shadow, but doctors concluded it was nothing.  Her CA125 was 130 before surgery, then 90 followed by 30 and now it is as low as 14.  She is receiving an alternative immunology treatment made of plants.  Her oncologist is waiting for her to get stronger to receive chimo agoin, this time it will be doxil.  Her alternative medicine doctor says she is doing good because her body is reactng to his treatment.  My question is if she should stop with the alternative treatment to receive doxil, or if we should give a time to the alternative treatment that seems to be working.  I appologize for my English.  We are from Brasil.  Thanks for your attention,  Rosy 75
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Hello Rosy ,
My I am fom Europe, Belgium , so my English could be poor also  !
May I ask you what kind of alternative immunology treatement she has , your daughter ?
Thank you
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Dear Thalassa;
It is really a miracle my granddaughter being so well.  I will ask my son details about the immunology treatment.  I know she goes to a doctor that has made research on how to treat tumors with medicine made of plants for some time.  She takes a lot of small shots on her stomach.  I will give you more information as soon as I hear from my son. Rosy
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My granddaughter and her parents visisted me during the last weekend.  My son does not really know  what the immunology treatment consists of.  My granddaughter takes a lot (19) shots three times a week.  What we don`t know is what the shots are made of, the doctor says they contian natural substances.  She is doing very well feeling fine.  Perhaps there is a treatment like this where you live, try to find out.  Rosy75
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