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low Platelets

Has any one had there surgery canceled due to low platelets? The normal is 130-500 thousand and mine was 89,000 from the labs done during pre-op. The eve before before the surgery my Dr called and sent me to have a stat CBC done and they had drop 10 more thousand. The dr said my blood would not clot and I agree. He has ref me to a Hematology-Oncology Dr next Wednesday. My spleen is enlarged and lymph-nodes swell also. I need to know If any one has had this happen to them. Even though my ca125 came back okay my GYN Dr keeps telling me over and over He doesn't think it's cancer to the point that I wonder who he is trying to convince now me or him. Any thoughts? confused in Florida.
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Hey MD,
      That did not happen to me but hoping someone will come along that can offer insight.  All I can offer is sympathy for your confusion, and I imagine, your frustration.  I am fairly certain you are correct in you assesement of the Doc, bless his or her heart, the effort to comfort sometimes only adds uncertaintly.  Not the intention, of course, but you are somewhat educated compared to the average patient.  I also agree that surgery at this time with that count would be ill advised.  As I recall, you have had the swollen lymph nodes in you theighs for like a year!  I recall wondering about that when you first posted it.  I guess I am wondering if the reletivly small cysts you have and the lymph nodes have a thing to do with each other.  I just hope the doctor considers that in case the cysts become a "red herring".  What I mean is other causes need to be considered.  Although having your surgery canceled stinks, it is the sound road at this point.  I get the impression you think so too.  I am glad you have the referral to the Hemotologist.  I really hope there is not another issue as you already have your share to deal with!  Hang tough MD, those were my initials before I married too!  Keep us posted MD and hope you hear from someone with a similar experience.  MV
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You know...I think I just might agree with your gyn...check this thing out and see what is going on here.. get all the info you can before you decide what to do.....educate yourself....YOU HAVE ONLY ONE CHANCE TO GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME....be smart and get it right.  See a gyn/oncologist...no choice.
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Are you taking any kind of other med's? Some medicines can cause this problem? My mom suffers from low platelets but she has another type problem and is 82. But at first they were very interested in what med's she was taking. Some herb's and also casue this.Try and stay calm and think positive.
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Thanks so much for your kind words. Ravenlady I needed to hear what you had to say . Because at that time I was near the boiling over point.
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i also have an enlarged spleen and a low platelet count of 60,000. i was hopeing someone would have info to help an enlarged spleen and some herbal treatment for both platelets and spleen take care robyn
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