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low normal resistive index

Hi, I am a 40yearold woman.  My maternal grandmother had ovarian cancer.  My doctor said along with my pap test I should have pelvic ultrasound every year to check ovaries. (Endovaginal imaging with doppler)  I had the test.  It said the left ovary is of uniform echogenicity, flow is present with low normal resistive index of 0.39.
The right ovary contains a 13mm diameter anechoic cyst and is of overall normal size. There is normal flow with a resistive index of 0.64.  The impressions says low normal resistive index of the left ovary but no parenchymal abnormality detected.  Minimal cul-de-sac fluid (likely physiological). My doctor said that the right ovary is filled with fluid which is good instead of solid, and the the left ovary is (I think he said smooth, no signs of disease, the term uniform echogenicity.and the impression said no parenchymal abnormality. My question is about the low normal resistive index.  I have looked on the internet and found conflicting opinions.  Most say signs of malignancy show low resistive index.  I also have five small uterine fibroids.   Could you tell me am I ok with this low normal resistive index. Why it could be low normal resistive index.  Thank you. and about the cyst.
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