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Just wanted you to know we're thinking of you. Today is the day for your CT scan, right? Hope it went OK. Now comes the wait, huh?
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Hey Irene, mind if I join you in thinkin' of Marie today?
....hope you can sense each and every thought and prayer coming your way.
With a warm hug,
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Marie, I thought about you this morning while I was drinking my Vanilla yuck stuff for my CT.  I do hope your tests come back with really good results.  Love ya honey.
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I also was thinking about you today...I hope the scan went well and you find out the results soon.  The waiting is always so hard.
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Me too, I hope that you get good results from your scan. Keeping you in my prayers, Colleen
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I watch and listen for you guys all the time. ......I am looking forward with lots of hope to the results of your tests.  I hope your waiting time is short.
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Marie , I hope you get good news from your scan , I have everything crossed and am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Love Angie
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Thanks for thinking of me.  The scan only took a few minutes.  They said my doc would have the results late Friday or early Monday.  Why then do I have to wait til Thurs?????? I should be good at waiting by now, but I am not.

Jan,  The vanilla yuck stuff is a treat compared to the mixed berry flavor. I have been thinking of you and hope things are going okay for you.

All,  Thank you so much for thinking of me.  I will let you all know what is going on as soon as I know something.

Much love,  Marie
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Good luck, Marie.  I know how hard waiting can be.  Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.

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    The waiting has got to be brutal, and there isn't much on TV anymore is there? I missed the first few of A. Idol.. I don't much like the "new kid on the block" do you?
Thinking good thoughts..

Take care,
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I am irritated by the wait because I am sure my doc could give answers quicker with a little more effort on her part.  I am okay though.  I sleep and eat so I must not be too freaked out.  You are right about tv.  I can't even watch Idol try outs.  I can't stand the new judge.  I am hooked on the follow up show to Celebrity Rehab.  It is called Sober House and is on tonight. Love, Marie
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Hi Marie, sounds like you have some mindless TV watching to keep you from going crazy waiting.  I saw that Sober House and it is very mindless.  

Glad it went well and I'll watch for your results.
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You are so right! I also watch several hours a week of Nancy Grace..............Marie
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