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metastasized uterine cancer now in lungs

Cancer is at least 2 years along - have had radical hysterectomy and taxol and carboplatin. Now CT with Contrast scans show cancer is in lungs. Have been on Tamoxifen for 6 months (20 mg AM and 20 mg PM).  Depending on the results from the CT on February 10 (which I will discuss with my Oncologist on February 18th) I am slated for 8 cycles of Doxorubicin / Cisplatin to begin on February 19th.

The Oncologist said these two medications have a 30% to 40% chance of keeping this progression at bay (a risk I am willing to take) but I am scared that the medications won't work and all I will be doing is compromising my otherwise very healthy immune system: I am also on the Macrobiotic diet and feel wonderful.

Do you have an opinion about this pending Doxorubicin / Cisplatin chemotherapy in terms of my situation?

Thank you!
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My Ovarian Cancer had spread to my liver, spleen, bowels, diaphragm, and entire lymph system. I am in a clinical trial with Doxil (Doxorubicin) and possibly Amgen 386 (Half are on it half on placebo). My Cancer has shrunk by a third all over my body. If it keeps up I should have No Evidence of Disease soon. I had no side effects from the Doxil until the 5th treatment which is skin blisters. I am on my 7th Doxil cycle. I thought since it was not as rough a chemo for me as Taxotere and Carboplatin that it would not work as well. It is working better.The Doxil is killing the Cancer where as with the Taxotere and Carboplatin Cancer spread. Everyone is different. I am happy with Doxil. I am taking Prednisone and the blisters are not so bad.

I have never been on Cisplatin so I can't say.

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