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my symptoms

      I'm 38 years of age,my symptoms are lower bach pains,lower left stomach pain,frequent urination,my legs were always tired,I'm always tired and sleepy,often suffered from dizziness,and  my eyes blurry.allergy and non stop runny nose.I often visits my doctor but said i only have severe allergy. But i feel there's something wrong. Do you think my symptoms indicates that I have a serious health problems.
      Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you.

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Your symptoms may be suggestive of chronic ill health in the form of chronic fatigue syndrome, anaemia, deficiency of vitamins etc. Also for the pain in abdomen and frequent urination you should check out with a gynaecologist for an examination. If necessary and ultrasound scan may be done. Discuss with your Doctor.
Hope this helps.
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You should get these tests to rule stuff out - blood test - for thyroid, diabetes, CBC and vitamins too.  You could be tired for thyroid or diabetes or vitamin deficiency.  STart taking vitamins.  Get a cat scan or ultrasound.  You could have back pain from kidney/gall stones too. It could be an easy thing so dont pain.  Cancer for ovarian is CA125 blood test - ask if they will do that too.  Always get copies of your reports and tests and ask them to be explained to you.  Keep looking for a reason.  Maybe you have allergies and if so go to a dermatologist or allergist to find out. GOod luck.
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Also the frequent urination could be a urinary track infection - it happens, and it could be very painful on the kidney on the left side which is where it may be.
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