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natural remodies

Hi guys,
i have been seeing a naturopath and was wondering if anyone else had any luck using natural remedies? i have been researching since getting diagnosed in 2006 at 22! My theory is even if it does not help regress the cancer it certainly prepares your body and gives you a better chance at handling the chemo and fighting 110%!

Personally from my experience here is what i can contribute:
i have actually heard of a number of things that have worked well for a number of people.
Flaxseed oil is really good and i take that daily! it shrunk a male friends tumor on his pituarity gland and is ideal for treating cancers.

Also apricot kernals helped a male friend who did not want kemo and it shrunk his lymphoma tumor to the size of a pea then he had the kemo and is in remission at present.

(i personally think that different things work for different people that is why i am trying a few)

Also as OVCA is normally referred to as an oestrogen cancer  there is a substance 'diindolylmethane' (try researching it if interested) that is known to assist in turning 'bad' oestrogen cells back to good ones and is especially good for breast and ovarian cancers.  I also take a supplement every day.. but where you can also get the extract is from juicing broccoli!
Raw juices can honestly save your life..i would have to eat 2kg a day of broccoli to get what i get from the supplment and juice!

Also green vegetables juiced are really good for you and ovarian cancer they contain lots of phtyo-nutrient vitamins and anti-oxidents! i take a supplement but also my juice each morning contains...
fresh ginger (direct properties of ginger is that it is a natural antibiotic for the whole body)
brussel sprouts or spinach
and an apple for taste.

i feel so much better from doing this and i reccommend anyone to spend the money to get a good juicer as it is honestly worth it.
i am also having either grapefruit juice or a berry juice in the afternoon daily. Grapefruit juice is known to cleanse our lymphatic system which can often spread cancer to other oarts of our body. Also berries contain lots of antioxidants and are great for cancer! (strawberries, blackberries, blue berries, raspberries ) and they taste great too!

Here are some great recipes to try that i found:
2 spinach leaves
1 apple
1/2 papaya
1 carrot
1 clove garlic or 1 spring onion
1/2 beetroot
2 shiitake mushrooms (remove stems and wipe caps clean)
3 drops of echinaeca tincture (health food store)

(Can vary above ingredients with: mango, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage leaves, cauliflower, kale, bokchoy, red onion, pear and other deeply coloured vegetables.

IMMUNE SYSTEM- espcially for patients going through chemo
1 cup oat, almond, coconut or soymilk.
1 banana or 1/2 large mango
1 tbsp whey protein powder
2 drops vanilla essence (optional)
1 tbsp freshly ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil (10ml)
1/4 tsp nutmeg powder to sprinkle on top of smoothie!

Or you can do what i do and i research properties of foods (ie- tomato one of helathiest thind we can eat and i vary the recipes!)

Just wondering what luck other peopl have found and the theory behind it?
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Hi there... I agree that a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and veggies can help us maintain our ability to cope with the chemo drugs, and does go a long way in keeping us healthier, enabling us to go about our daily routines, but as for any of this stuff actually stopping the cancer, once we have been dx... well in my humble opinion.. I would say no.I'd like to see some actual proof that this can happen, but so far I've not heard/seen any reports that does show that good nourishing food will stop the cancer. I've spoken with Doctors and Oncols. about this, and all agree that eating healthy does help cope with the drugs. I don't take any vitamins or supplements, but eat a well balanced 'across the board' diet, including some red meat, dairy and sugar... in moderation. It's 4 years this weekend since I was dx Stage 4 and even though my numbers are in the 1000s I'm feeling really well, have a great appetite, and a good quality of life.
I think what we eat and drink is a personal choice, and if one thinks that a certain food/drink is working wonders, then that's the way to go for that person. I'm a firm believer of having a strong mental attitude in fighting this wretched disease, and I don't stew and worry about it.... no point really. I'm doing what I can to keep winning my battle, and so I enjoy life without worrying about my diet. :-)
I wish you all the best, and hope whatever you eat/drink does a great job for you, and you are doing well.   Hugs...Helen..
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Thanks Helen,
so glad to hear you are feeling well and keep up the battle. you are a true inspiration to us all. The main reason i wanted to ask was as i have been diagnosed with noninvasive borderline at this stage so it may never turn or if it does it may take ten or more years so i was willing to try anything!

lots of love!
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I would strongly agree with melenzbee. Diet is very important, not only to help deal with drugs!! as Helmar said.... think about it!! doctors are not trained to treat us with vitamins and good diets..they are trained to diagnose , perform surgeries treat with pahrmaceuticals and see the results or treat you more for bad symptoms from previous medication.And it's all great and dandy..I believe they saved millions but>>>>> The great testimonials that I saw on the net and  heard from others diagnosed with cancer that took chemo or NOT , they all say that healthy raw vegetable diet, juicing and vitamin supplements are very helpfull to achieve strong and working well immune system...that chemo kills and above all have a quality life. .Just read about immune system why is it so important to eat well at all times and supplement without little pigging out on junk food.
So please do not dismiss the fact that healthy diets work to stop and cure cancers..one would say that McD is a well balanced food...it has proteins, vegetables, carbs and dairy !! ...well to me is garbage.I am fighting my cancer with all great food juices and supplements because I had severe reaction to chemo and when I asked many doctors what's now ??? they gave me awful pills to take and I was sicker than a dog.Quit taking them too and started reading lots about alternative help and  I am here and well. I was given only one year to live. You have to believe yhink deeply about mother nature why it is giving us all these possibilities!!
I saw some posts on this subject but can't find them anymore.
Johanna Budwig diet is awsome just google it and see.But you have to stick to the guns and perservere for a long long long time.
Take care all, Sunes.
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