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need answers about epidural

Can anyone please tell me what is in a epidural when they use it for surgery. They are doing an open incision to remove my ovaries and fallopian tubes and the cysts. My surgery is 05/09/06
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Hey md.  I just answered you on the other forum, but did you try googling Epidural?  The Wikipedia website gives some info that might help you.
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I also answered this question (based on my own experience) extensively further down on the blog. Take a look! :-)
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Hi, I noticed your post on the hsyterectomy site. I thought that the answer you received was thorough. But, I must state that the woman who responds to that site from the HERS foundation and I have very different opinions about hormones. And, I see she started her response with comments on how you will never be able to replace the hormones you get from your ovaries. And, there is truth to this.

But, I am sure that the reason she mentioned it was obviously to make you think twice (or for the 80th time) about having the ovaries removed, but as you said, there are reasons not listed for which you need this procedure... None the less, I want to encourage you to pick up Dr. Christiane Northrup's book on "The Wisdom of Menopause." It saw me through my surgical menopause after a diagnosis of ovarian cancer at age 47. I am 52 now (ALMOST 53!!!!you will note references to this on this site since my birthday is fast approaching and I have not been quiet about this!) and although I have to stay on top of everything...exercise, healthful eating, taking my magnesium, calcium, vit.D, etc, I must say that the bioidentical hormones have changed my life for the better. I would suggest you arm yourself with information so that this transition will not leave you with more questions than answers.

I do wish you the best. I know tomorrow is the day you go in. Let us know how you are doing as soon as you can.

Sincerely, Mary
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Mary, thank you very much for your words. She did answer a question I never ask. But for now it's a mute subject. I received a call from my Dr earlier in the day about my platelets being low. This coming from my pre-op labs and he was worried about clotting. So he ordered a stat CBC and in just a week they had dropped even more. I have had a swollen spleen for about a year now and they don't know why. I now have lymph nodes swelling to. My ca125 came back normal and I no this is just a marker. I can't help but be very worried about whats going on. So, until my GYN gets me into a Hematologist and we find out whats up with my blood the surgery is off. I'm glad he is a Dr that puts my health above all. I'm just tired of the unknown. I'll keep in touch and again thanks alot.
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Gee, I am so sorry to hear that the surgery is on hold due to some other health concerns. I am sure you will be glad when this surgery is behind you. But, it does sound like you have a doctor who is certainly on top of things. I know that the waiting and the unknown is not pleasant, however.

And, you're right...and, I have noticed she does this a lot...the woman "over there" does often start responses answering questions that were not even asked. I suppose it is her attempt to get information in there..but, it is a bit confusing. Hope these days go fast for you. Talk to you later.

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