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oblong lump above belly button below ribs

I found a lump above my belly button last year which is long and hard.  I went to my doctor and he sent me for a cat scan with contrast which showed nothing.  I can feel it more when I'm standing. Now I'm starting to have these symptoms, loose stools, pain and loss of appetite.   My mother had ovarian cancer and I'm scared to death this is what I have, I made an appointment with the doctor for next week.  I'm 46 and very anxious about this, I haven't been sleeping or eating much.  Anyone out there experiencing the same thing??
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Not sure I can answer you correctly, but what kind of doctor are you going to? A primary? Maybe you need to see a gastro doctor? It could be your intestines, not necessarily gynecological. I would see both a gastro and a gyn to cover both bases. Someone else will come along and add what they think! Hang in there!
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I would go to both a gyn and a gastro DR,as has been advised.  You could have a small hernia. It's in the area where I have one..and sometimes it doesn't show up on my scans either.  Good luck..I hope it's nothing for you to worry over.~~~Joanne
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Thanks for posting, I just found this sight on the internet, very good and compassionate people on it.  Since I'm a single mother with a 11 year old son, I tend to worry about the future at every angle.  Jlock...do you ever experience any symptoms with yours?  Have you had it repaired?
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Both girls are right. I would seek the advice of a gyn and then a gastro Dr. I too have a hernia in much the same place mentioned. My Dr has said that as long as I am having no problems with it, we will just leave it alone. When I asked him what kind of symptoms to look for he said stomach pain, vomiting, basically gastro problems. So before you get yourself in a big panic, have it checked out. I hope that it turns out to be nothing more that a hernia for you.
  Good Luck,
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I'm having similar symptoms.  I have a vertical line that protrudes from above my belly button to under my rib cage.  I also have lots of bloating, especially after I eat.  I went to my family doctor and she ran some blood tests and I had an abdominal ultrasound... all turned up nothing.  I'm scheduled to see my gyno in a couple months, think I'll also check with a gastro doc.  Good luck.  If I hear anything I'll post on the forum.
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After reading the comments about it possibly (hopefully) being a hernia I found the description below online at: http://hernia.tripod.com/types.html#EPI  [With your family history of ovarian cancer you're very smart to get checked out by the gyno.  I have a friend who had ovarian cancer but her only symptoms were gastro problems.  She went for her routine gyno exam and one of her ovaries was enlarged and it was discovered she had ovarian cancer.  She got help early and has been healthy for over 10 years now.]  Please keep up posted.

EPIGASTRIC hernias develop in the mid upper abdomen, anywhere along a line drawn from the lower point of the breastbone straight down to the Umbilicus. They rarely deviate to any extent away from this straight-lined area, but can occur at any point along it. These not-too-uncommon hernias arise in a defect of the mid-line fascia or tendon that is present between the two rectus or six-pack muscles (called the linea alba). These hernias are generally small in size and localized, rarely larger thatn the size of a golf-ball. Because of the small defect, the contents are easily pinched and these hernias therefore can cause a great deal of pain. Epigastric Hernias are extremely well suited for repair using a Tension Free method. Epigastric Hernias should not be confused with a condition called DIASTASIS RECTI (DR) (see below)
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Thanks for your imput.  I'm so scarred, I have an appointment with my regular doctor next week and my gyn on Sept 11.  I wish these symptoms would go away.  I keep reading these post on here and my heart goes out to everyone, I pray for people I don't really even know but from the experience with my mom I have alot of compassion and faith.
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Hi my daughter who is 6 today is going to see a surgeon as she has a umbilical hernia only small but it popped out when she was 4 then a year later she got another lump just like you mentioned about 2" above her belly button not sure if it is a hernia but she has a lot of stomach cramps, not every day though they tend to come and go but when she gets them she is doubled over and they can last 1-3days and she goes pale with the pain, bless her. She is to be seen on the 21st Aug very quick considering i went to the docs at the beginning of the week, she doesn't think it is a hernia so if it isn't not sure what it could be, like yours it is more noticeable when she lays flat or stands up. Good luck let me know how you get on. Sharon
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