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only 10% of one ovary left will i go into menopause?

Hi guys, I am 24, last year I lost my left ovary to a 17cm ovarian teratoma (benign), and had a 4cm one removed on the right. Yesterday I had an operation to remove 3 new teratomas from the right (12cm in total). I have been left with only 10% of that one ovary. I'd done two egg collections before this (got 22 eggs but I know the poor success rate for frozen eggs).  The surgeon doesn't recommend ongoing scans he said if there is another one they won't be able to save any and would be performing an oophorectomy  

1. Does anyone have any idea as to how far off experiencing menopause i will be? and how I'd know?
2. does anyone have an idea of the chance of this coming back?
3. has anyone had a baby from frozen eggs?
4. what is the chance of 10% of an ovary releasing eggs?

any advice would be so much appreciated I am very distressed
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There is only me on the forum. I am sorry I do not know much about fertility. A doctor would be best to answer the menopause question and fertility. They may not be able to say for sure. I think it is individual. You would start having hot flashes or night sweats. Your vagina may get dry. You notice with sex. There are lubes to help. You might get emotional. Cry at the least thing. Vitamins can help and keeping a healthy diet.
  I can help you best with your distress. It is hard for you. I know having a baby sounds important to you. I never had kids but I was sad when I lost my female organs. It is harder than people think. You grieve. I am sorry I can't tell you what chances you have to having a baby. Hope is very important. I feel for you and pray that you have a baby.
Thanks for your advice Alex i appreciate it
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