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kindly anybody explain this or simplify whats the meaning of this findings this is my sisters condition right now and i'm so worried about her. She's been sick for years now on and off with abdomenal pain before and during menstrual periods, trowing up until she can't vomit anything anymore. They've done some test before and give her medicines to take but seems it doesn't work any of it. Recently she just had an ultrasound but i couldn't understand anything. She tried to explain what the doctor said but she seems confused too. Anyway pls. anybody help. will gladly appreciate it.

KIDNEYS normal in size and echogenicity.
RK: 9.4x 5.5x 4.1 cm CT:1.5 cm
LK: 9.6x 4.1 x 4.4 cm CT: 1.6 cm
Both central echo complex are dense and intact. No mass, lithiases nor caliectasia seen.
Good corticomedullary differentiation is noted bilaterally. Ureters is not dilated.
URINARY BLADDER is well distended. No lithiases nor mass noted. Walls are not thickened. PREVOID : 143cc. No residual urine on postvoid.
ABDOMINAL AORTA is normal in course and caliber. No evident stenosis nor dilatation noted.
UTERUS is anteverted measuring 5.5 x 4.7 x 4.3 cm. Myometrial echoparttern is homogeneous. No lesions noted. Endometrial stripe measure 1.7 cm. Cervix is intact.
There is 2.1 x 2.2 x 2.4 cm cystic nodule with irregular walls seen at the right adnexa.
This focus shows minimal septations. No calcifications noted.
There is a 4.9 x 4.2 x 3.8 cm complex mass at the left adnexa. This mass demonstrates
intraluminal echogenic floating debris. Its walls are thick and irregular.
Visualized bowels are within normal limits. No evident wall thickening noted.
No enlarged lymph nodes nor evidence of free fluid.


1. Complex cystic nodule, right adnexa, likely ovarian.Follow up is suggested.
2. Left adnexal mass, as described, likely ovarian. Primary differential is dermoid newgrowth. Correlation with other studies is suggested.
3. Unremarkable study of the kidneys, urinary bladder and abdominal aorta.
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I'm not an expert but it does look like she has two ovarian cysts with one being a dermoid cyst.  These can cause a lot of symptoms and hopefully she is now set to get this dealt with.  Do take a look at the health pages (top right) for info on types of cysts and symptoms.  In her case it is likely they will use a laparoscope and remove the cysts.  What did they say the next steps were?  It is likely that MedHelp will move your posting to the Ovarian Cyst forum.  Do keep us posted over there.  
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I have had many ovarian cysts.  I presented with cronic stomach pain, so bad that I too was vomiting.  Irregular periods are also a very common sign.

There is not much that can be done other than surgery to remove them.  My first surgery involved the removal of a cyst about the size of a gala melon.... so rather large!  I went on to have 2 more surgeries to remove painful cysts.  It is not the cyst itself that is painful, as they are usually harmless, it is the pulling and twisting of the organs that they attach themselves to.

Thankfully, I have gone 3 years with no further problems.  The surgery was no worse than a caesarean andi was up and about the very next day.

Good luck!
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