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My Mom diagnosed with Ovarian CA last three years and ongoing with Chemotherapy. Recently she had a small bowel obstruction surgery... Because of this now she has obstruction in the abdominal and had few thoracentesis and one paracentesis took out 1000cc,etc.
She is not on chemotherapy for more than 3 months and I think because of this so that the mass of the tumur is enlarging causes obstruction. She is on TPN and NPO for more than 2 months and still now in the hospital. I don't know what to do now besides getting a second opinion with the City ofHope in Los Angeles.
Physicians and who is out there have better suggestion for me and family at this moment and with my Mom's condition besides another surgery please let me know. I am thinking of Radiation Technology for her as well.
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I would seek a second opinion if there are any questions in your mind. Maybe they will know something better for your mom. Let us hear from her, best wishes.
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Leon, I recommend for your mom to modify her diet. I have written about it here--apparently my mom is very lucky to not have had any relapse for over 6 years, had one just now and gets a lot of funny questions about "what happened in between these two ocurrences", namely, nothing. We are positive this is in great part, but not only,  because of how she changed her diet (some of which is scientifically known to cause cancer, dairy issue etc.). Lots of literature available on it and survivors' stories most of which have certain nutritional aspects in common.

From the grinning cat.
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Just to add: And yes, she had another abdominal abstruction as well, and had that taken out.Radiation is known to shrink tumors, but the side effects, like chemo, are so hard on the immune system, possibly harder than surgery, so as long as that is an option I would go for surgery and the food. We are much more strict now as she slacked considerably meantime, plus severe emotional hardship which seems to bring tumors on instantaneously almost,. Hope this helps and well wishes to your mom.
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