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ovarian Carcinosarcoma

Well my Mom is going back in the Hospital tomorrow for her third round of Chemo. She is getting toxal and ifosamade.Today the doctor said the tumor in her abdonmon was at 6 CM now it is at 4CM's that was good news her CA-1235 was 77 the last time after surgery now it is 64. She said no more cancer has shown The other cell are still the same so the only shrinkage was the one tumor. This cancer is widley spread  
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That sounds like good news. Stability with this disease is about the best news I ever get or even expect anymore. Where does your mother live? I live in Alberta, Canada. I receive treatment in the small city I live in and also at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary. So far I have had surgury, 9 taxol/carbo , second surgury, 3 caelyx, 2 ifos/cis, 3 topotecan. Between the ifos/cis - topotecan I have had a lot of speading. Lungs, liver, a few bones, throughout my abdonmon. However, I have not lost hope. I may try Gemcitabine and Cisplatin next. The good news about MMMT is that there is no news. There is not enough data to draw conclusions, in my opionion. Anyhow I have been at this since March 06 and still feeling ok. I hope that your mom is getting the best care available. My CA-125 is not a good marker for me. As it has always been low. Stay strong. You remain in my prayers.
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This is positive. Any shrinking tumors or decreased CA-125 is good news! There is no new developing cancer cells which is a major plus. Please keep up updated on her progress, keep your head up & have faith.
I pray for her health & your strength
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I was just wondering how you are feeling? My Mom is in the hospt doing round three of Chemo. She is handling tghe Ifex better now that they lowered the dose. I just hope it works the same and knocks the beast out of her. Mom was really mean to me the other day and I cant beleave what she said , She wished this cancer on me because I was tring to get ger ready to leave the house so she could get her chemo,She need to be at the hospt by 12 noon it is a 45 min drive I woke her up a 9:20 am at 11:15 she still was not dressed and ready to go she started yelling at me and said that . I am hurt i still love my Mom but I feel I need to be away from her for a bit. My brother says I am wrong. she is dieing and I should let it roll off my back. Whats your feelings.
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