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ovarian cancer staging/testing

Im 30 and have stage 4 ovarian cancer. I had stage 3 when i was 18 and now have been hit with this. i have done 6 chemos and underwent surgery to remove fluid from my lungs and heart. doctors said my body responded well to chemo. problem is i have not yet got any results or the ct scan done since my last chemo. we have no oncologist in my city at the moment for government hospitals. Private is far too expensive. Ia there any way to test myself or what can i do to see where i stand? Im scared bcoz i already am experiencing similar pain and breathing problems as i did at the start of this. i have a beautiful boy, im scared to die.
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Oh, I am so very sorry about your reoccurrence and so terribly being stage 4 this time around.  You are so very young!  And to then feel like you can't get medical care.  How far are you from a city that has appropriate care for you in the public realm?  You need to go there.  They often have care housing around such centers that whole families can stay at (Ronald McDonald house is the one in my area).  

Can you  in the mean time, have a CA 125 test?  You could possibly do that at a lab and cost should be a couple hundred dollars.  Should be, who knows what they do to jack up the costs.  But that marker test would be helpful to know your numbers.  This was the test that let my mother in law know that she was out of remission.  A ct scan is said to cost between 80 and 350 without insurance according to costhelper.  What about calling a hospital in your area who has social workers and professionals such as social workers who help patients navigate these things or the oncology office in your area for suggestions?  

Again, I'm so sorry you are going through this and a mom's worst nightmare is leaving our precious children.  hugs and stay in touch
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