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ovarian cancer?

I have a huge family history of ovarian cysts and cancer; My Mother, sisters, aunt and cousins all had cysts, Mom had ovarian cancer but they caught it early. I had emergency surgery for a ruptured ovarian cyst years ago. We were told to have a ca 125 done every 6 months, that we are high risk for ovarian cancer. The last year my health is going downhill rapidly. I thought it was just my age at first (54), but it isnt. Started with weight gain, bloating stomach, not able to hold my urine--I embarrssed myself regularly so I wore depends--Im too young for that! Its changed to severe lower back pain that radiates to the left hip )the only ovary I have left isd that left side). Cant sleep more than 3 hours, I wake up in pain. Heartburn with most food, very nauseated every day and extremely tired and short of breath. I cut my work hours down to 2 days a week and I can hardly make that (I go to work with a pain pill in my pocket). I have trouble eating anything, it just doesnt move. Ive lost 9 lbs in the last 5 weeks even though my activity is zero, couch potato from the pain. I have trouble standing for more than 2 minutes, walking any distance without pain and even sitting in a car is difficult for longer than 30 min. I didnt injure myself at any time. The last few weeks I now have diarrhea even though pain pills normally constipate me. Im getting cravings too like when I was pregnant. I also have had a few bouts of left sided abdominal pain that is sudden/sharp and brings me to my knees, then totally dissapears. The only meds I take are for high BP, pain pills, ditropan and phenergan for the nausea. I have an MRI scheduled and also a ca 125 in a few weeks. Im going to ask for a sonogram after I take the MRI.  Sometimes I wonder if my imagination is going wild, but this is affecting my life all day every day.  I guess Im asking if anyone had these type of symptoms when they got diagnosed with ovarian cancer?
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Dear Ramona,
I am glad to hear that you are scheduled to see a doctor. While your symptoms are nonspecific which means they are present in lots of different conditions, bloating and intestinal disorders have indeed been associated with ovarian cancer.

My big question to you and the female members of your family is: have you undergone genetic testing for BCRA gene mutations? Has your sister who got ovarian cancer? If you are considered "high risk" for ovarian cancer, at age 54 , you should undergo the surgical removal of your ovaries and fallopian tubes.
When you see your doctor, please bring this up for discussion
best wishes
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