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Hi everyone.  First time user.  I am worried sick about ovarian cancer.  About 3 months ago I got a vaginal infection of some sort and ignored it- I could feel a little cyst in the vagina and had cloudy urine. After 3 mos, I began to have a sudden urge to pee right away and could hardly hold it in. My lower back was an irritable ache. (I should say that I have been going to a physio therapist and my pelvis is out of line due to breaking a leg 3 mos ago). I went to the doctor they did a urine test showing blood in the urine  and white blood cells. He put me on antibiotics and sent the urine sample off for a culture. It came back negative. My stomach is bloated and I couldn't stand the back ache so I went to the ER - the doctor thought it was a bladder infection which had crept around to the pelvis.  He gave me another type of antibiotic and sent the urine off for a microscopic culture. This just came back negative. I am seeing my GP tomorrow and will ask him to do a pelvis exam. I had one 9 mos ago and everything was fine. I have one every year. Today I have heartburn for the first time.  I no longer have the urgency to pee but I am still going frequently. I have been drinking a lot of water with the antibiotics. I have been reading the symptoms on the internet and seem to have most. Can you have cysts which are not cancerous? Do you think I have cancer. I am sick with worry.
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I am new, too, but I keep reading here that 99% of the cysts are benign. So don't freak! These gals seem to be in the know, as that is the same thing I have been reading for the last few weeks. My gyno said on older very good gyno told her that the main function of the ovary is to make cysts. And that is actually true because each time we ovulate it is like the egg bursts from a cyst. The cyst is then supposed to go away, but if it doesn't that is a functional cyst "actually produced from the function the ovary is meant to do".
   I think we are both in the right place...you can get all kinds of facts and info on this great big brain that is in our homes called the internet, but we still need each other to tell us we will really be okay... because they were in the same boat and they are okay! So good luck to us both. I know someone here can help you.    
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What a recommendation...what praise...what a compliment to the ladies of this site!
Welcome to you both....I hope we live up to your accolade!
I am most certain your requested info will begin flowing soon.
Peace to you, ladies!
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Welcome to the site.  We are all humbled by your accolades.  You will find people who have been there.  I too had the same symptoms.  Talk about heart burn, back ache, etc, etc.  Turns out I had two softball sized dermoids which were benign, as are 99% of ovarian cysts.  Let me tell you we have all been down one path or the other, but fate brought us here.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Welcome, and keep reading.  
Love, hugs and God bless, Barb
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Thank you so much!!! What a relief it is to talk to someone about this and find out that 99% of cysts are benign. They don't tell you that on the sites I've visited recently!!One thing that still bothers me is that there are white blood cells in my urine so according to what I've learned that's due to an infection or cancer.They seem to have ruled out an infection so that's why I'm mostly freaking out.

I had a cyst in my breast about 8 yrs ago. I nearly drove myself insane about that one too. I had to wait 2 weeks for a mammogram and then after I had that they phoned me a couple of days later and said I  had to go for an ultra sound. I had that and waited for the radiologist to speak to me. What seemed like an hour was probably 5 minutes.  He came and told me it was benign. I went back to my doctor and he drained it with a syringe - poof it was gone.

I am soooooo glad I found this site.
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By the way I am post menopause. Just thought I should mention that.
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I have had such problems and seems as if no one hears me! I have been having problems urinating for the past two years frequent and minimal urination. I had stones removed two years ago was hospitalized for 11 days thought my kidney's were failing. A month ago today I ended up having a partial nephrectomy(right kidney) Omg you talk about discomfort had renal cell carcinoma in the lower pole. Had Dr. appt today and once again have Rbc's and high Wbc's in urine at wits end. I have severe swelling that comes and goes of the ankles and not the fluid retention type of swelling but the kind that leaves my veins literally feeling bruised! Has anyone out there had the same problems as for post surgery still can not seem to urinate normal either excessive urgencies to urinate or just sit there for thirty minutes trying so frustrated and seems you guys have been through things as well.   Thank you Chelle
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this is an Ovarian cancer forum, you might get better answers from the forum called Kidney diseases and problems.  
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